Adobe’s Acquisition of Magento- What Can We expect?

Adobe recently acquired Magento, merging great technology with exceptional talent. This is the beginning of an exciting journey between commerce and content. Adobe has established itself as a leader in designing exceptional digital experiences by making use of content and data. Magento on the other hand, has gained massive popularity as a commerce platform.

Content and data are at the core of every great experience for Adobe. The addition of this experience to commerce, whether in-store, on the web, or mobile will undoubtedly make every experience personal.

So what exactly can we expect from this acquisition?

Content merged with commerce

With Adobe onboard, Magento will benefit greatly from their Experience Cloud. Adobe on the other hand will benefit from Magento’s next generation commerce capabilities enhancing its B2B and B2C experiences.

In addition, Magento comes with the advantage of prebuilt extensions such as payment, logistics, and tax.


Experience-Driven Business

The introduction of the Magento Commerce Cloud to the Adobe Experience Cloud is the next level of innovation for commerce. There will be limitless possibilities to developer-driven experiences. The delivery of seamless transactions including marketing, analytics, order management, and creation, powered by instant, actionable data allows brands to connect to their clientele swiftly.

Magento also brings to Adobe a community of over 300,000 developers, 800 tech-partners, and over 350 system innovation collaborations. This proves Adobe is committed to open-source technologies in their undertaking of developer-navigated experiences.


Mid-market scalability to enterprise

With Adobe’s experience in serving enterprises, Magento’s mid-market customers will benefit significantly from cross-pollination between the two.

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Innovative Commerce

Adobe has proven experience in innovative products that challenge digital interactions. By leveraging and supporting the Magento community developers, we will see some interesting innovations and development in the future of commerce.

Codeias is excited to help your business keep up with the technological innovations that will enhance the customer experiences. The integration of Adobe and Magento will raise some ecosystem challenges. We can help you resolve these quickly ensuring efficient delivery of service to loyal and new clients alike.

The acquisition of Magento by Adobe adds a serious transactional element to their innovative experience-focused technology. The result? Futuristic commerce capabilities that create personalised and fully immersed B2B and B2C experiences.


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