The latest Magento updates to note

When you sell online, you need to be certain that your virtual shop front is fully functional and easy to navigate at all times. With the days of static, one-size-fits-all, websites far behind us your online shop front is much more than a few product pictures and a link to Paypal. Magento, being one of our preferred commerce platforms, have just released some small, but important changes to the way their software operates.

The new Magento updates includes new features and enhancements that will help to ensure your website really works!   Improving visitor experience by removing previous points of friction, will make for faster and, more importantly, more profitable commerce, and a healthier bottom line.

So what exactly do the updates cover? Well, let’s break it down by functionality for you:

  1. New Payment Functionality

The speed and ease with which a purchase can be completed on your website is one of the fundamental reasons your customers will return to purchase from you again.  Magenta has very kindly put in a range of new Paypal and Braintree features to help you streamline your purchases. You can now;

Increase your conversion rates.  Customers now have the option to save their PayPal account as a payment option, meaning they can bypass the boring PayPal ID and password page for future purchases and speed through the checkout stage every time.

Boost your sales.  Improved features mean that even your guest visitors will now be able to re-order quickly and easily. Merchants can now bill the last payment method used during a guest checkout.

Reduce chargebacks and support issues. Help you customers keep on top of their transactions by customising the business name, phone number and URL that appears on their credit card statements.  You can choose this option for each of your websites that uses Braintree.

Protect your business from high-risk slip ups. No more accidental shipping of products to high-risk customers, as a new process requires that you confirm the Braintree risk decision before proceeding with an order.

  1. Performance and Feature Improvements

Magento has also released updates that will enhance the performance and quality of Magento 2 across multiple areas.  For example, SQL media queries have been optimised to boost storefront performance, whilst the compilation and static asset creation is now also faster.

The process of managing configurable products with hundreds of variations in the Admin area is also now much faster, as generating a grid or saving a list of product variants now only takes seconds to complete.

Improvements have also been made to configurable product management, CSV file importing and exporting, and the upgrade process from Magento 2.0.x to Magento 2.1.x, even when multiple master databases are in use.

A full list of fixes and enhancements is available in the release notes provided by the tech wizards at Magento who are continually improving product quality, to deliver unique shopping experiences.

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