Magento launches a new version of their dashboard

A new release from eCommerce platform Magento looks to improve the way online retailers are able to manage their website’s performance over the holiday season.

Any online retailer (and their marketing agency) will understand the pressure they feel in the run up to the Christmas period. With figures showing that retailers create an average of 59% more sales during the shopping season there is a requirement to ensure that your client’s websites are performing to their maximum potential.

Magento have assessed this need for more information and overall management of an eCommerce website and have produced a specialist dashboard for the weeks coming up to Christmas, allowing users of the platform to utilise the new features.

According to Magento 39% of all holiday shoppers make a second purchase within the holiday season and surprisingly for most online retailers 24% of all revenue for a company is often generated within this time frame.

What does the new dashboard showcase?

As with any new update the big question on people’s minds is: what does the new feature offer and how can it benefit my website?

Improving usability and effectiveness of an online store is at the core of Magento offer and this new update is no different.

“The holiday season represents a tremendous customer acquisition and growth opportunity for merchants but if they are not keeping an eye on the right data, they can get caught up in the hype and negatively impact gross margins,” stated Bob Moore, Head of Magento Analytics. “With the Magento Holiday Dashboard, we’ve made it easier than ever for merchants to deploy data-driven strategies to grow their business before, during, and well beyond the holiday season.”

The new features allow the software’s users to:

  • Find the acquisition channels attract the most valuable holiday customers, taking into consideration buyer behaviour and how to generate the most revenue from your website
  • Reactivate existing customers with targeted holiday promotions, this is vital and a fantastic way to generate new sales from the website. The new update allows website managers to re-use existing customers in a more time efficient way
  • Keep your team focused on centralised goals during the busiest time of the year, the new update means that you can show your team the relevant statistics that will spur them on to focus on the end goal
  • Compare your holiday performance against industry benchmarks, allowing you to monitor how you are operating in comparison to industry leaders

Overall, the dashboard allows website managers to utilise the key features of Magento, boosting their number of sales whilst still ensuring that the website is operating seamlessly.

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