How To Prepare Your Online Checkout For The Holiday Season

Although we haven’t left summer behind and the holiday season is still months away, in the world of online shopping, the holiday season is almost upon us. Most people start buying their Christmas gifts in the months before to avoid the extortionate costs of buying in December. With more and more people shopping online, your online checkout needs to be prepared for an increased volume of transactions.

We’ve put together a few top tips on how to prepare your checkout for those extra transactions and help you get ready for the holiday season.

Tips to prepare your online checkout

Below are our four top tips to prepare your online checkout for the holidays. Following these tips will ensure that your website runs as smoothly as possible and that your customers have a good user experience.

  1. Ensure your website is mobile friendly

In recent years, purchasing goods on mobile devices has become much more popular- especially amongst younger people. This is one of the reasons that it’s vital your website is user friendly. Furthermore, now more than ever, people are using their mobile phones to search for a variety of products whilst on the go. Having a mobile friendly website is vital for them to do this.

  1. Avoid asking for too much information

When trying to use an online checkout to purchase goods, users don’t want to be bombarded with questions that aren’t relevant to their purchase. It’s best to avoid asking questions for marketing purposes whilst the user is trying to check out. If there is information you are hoping to receive, perhaps request it in a promotional email.

  1. Make the payment process simple

Another way to prepare your online checkout whilst guaranteeing user friendliness is by simplifying the payment process. Ask the user to log into their personal account with you, if they have one, as it’s likely that their payment details will already be saved. For new customers, during the payment process only ask them for the information that is needed such as their full name and bank details. This will prevent them becoming frustrated whilst checking out and keeps the payment process as simple as possible for them.

  1. Add a progress bar

Finally, adding a progress bar will enable your customers to view their online checkout progress and help them see how many stages they have left before the completion of payment. This isn’t vital for the checkout to run smoothly, however, it will prevent users from getting bored during checkout and directing off your website onto someone else’s.

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