The Best Magento SEO Extensions of 2019

We have compiled a list of The Best Magento SEO Extensions of 2019 – Magento has proven to be one of the top e-commerce platforms for a variety of business ventures. You can now make your customers online store unique with a wide variety of aesthetics and presentation options. With over 400,000 websites using it as their e-commerce platform of choice, we highly recommend Magento to our agency partners as an ecommerce solution for their clients.

Some of the best Magento SEO extensions of 2019 help your clients boost their e-commerce presence. With better ranking on SEO, their business will reach more people generating better ROI. The best SEO extensions complement their product and layout.

Finding the right SEO extension can be overwhelming. Codeias web development experts have worked with many agencies giving us first hand experience on most of the SEO extensions. We’ve compiled a list of the some of the best SEO extensions you can offer your clients.


Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate

This extension gives you complete control over the SEO features that are not included in the default setup.  SEO Suite Ultimate also solves duplicating content issues and manages large sets of metadata.


Its advanced sitemaps make it easier to navigate your site with optimised indexing and crawling, giving you features that are preferred by search engines such as functionality, RSS Feed management, and user friendly URLs. It also generates extensive reports informing you of any issues that are holding back your SEO progress.


Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite

This is a sturdy extension that comes with a complete toolset for guaranteed higher SERP ranking. It optimises your website by improving visibility on popular search engines for specific terms associated with relevant keywords.


You can also control access by web bots and crawlers to specific pages to further optimise your e-store.


Reloads SEO Content Optimisation

This unique extension is easy to use yet highly effective. It optimises SEO and improves conversion rates.


With almost real-time feedback, your product pages are optimised, and the product index view allows you to view products in order of modification.


SEO Suite

This is one of the more powerful extensions we’ve come across. It takes care of duplicate content and other SEO aspects, improving your search index capability.


SEO Suite also comes with a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to view all SEO tweaks and settings making management a breeze. If you  are looking for an extension that nails SEO at each turn, this is it. It is available for free, with the premium option selling at $99.


Aheadworks Ultimate SEO Suite

Some extensions provide support for multiple stores. Some of its other benefits include,

  • Canonical URLs in Google sitemap
  • Blog support
  • Splits sitemap into small manageable files
  • Indexed pictures
  • Automatically converts URLs to canonical URLs if they are too long


Need help picking out the best Magento SEO extension?

The best SEO extension is effective in both time and cost. Codeias can offer agencies the best SEO extensions for their clients as more often than not many clients would like to hire the agency to carry out SEO work or some form of online marketing. We place your agency in a great place to discuss this with your client.


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