Top 5 Magento Payment Gateways

As most people now use the internet to shop for and purchase products and services online, it’s vital that every ecommerce website has a secure and trusted payment gateway.

As Magento is one of the most used ecommerce platforms, they have considered all aspects of secure payments and offer a variety of Magento payment gateways that can implemented into any Magento website.

To give you an idea of the payment gateways available, we’ve researched into some of the best and given you our top 5 payment gateways for Magento websites.

What are Magento Payment Gateways?

Magento payment gateways protect online shoppers from identity theft by encrypting the card details they input at checkout when purchasing a product or service.

We’ve put together a selection of our top 5 most recommended to give you an idea of what each one does and help you decide whether it is right for your business.

  1. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most used payment gateways by companies across the globe as it is easy to navigate and compatible with any device.

As it’s already integrated into Magento 2, set up is not required and there is no monthly subscription fee. Only a small percentage of the money taken during a transaction is kept by PayPal and payments are processed quickly.

PayPal also uses advanced encryption and is monitored for 24 hours per day making it extremely secure.

  1. Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments enables customers to log in to and pay through their Amazon account. All transactions are completed on the website of the product owner meaning that the customer is never directed away from the website.

Just like PayPal, there is no monthly subscription fee needed because a small percentage is of money is taken per transaction. The gateway also has in depth fraud detection ensuring safe payments every time.

  1. Net

Perfect for smaller and medium sized businesses, Authorize.Net is another on the most known Magento payment gateways and allows customers to use a variety of payment methods.

It has an advanced fraud protection system and the customer’s payment details can be saved to enable them to check out with ease during future purchases.

  1. Worldpay

With over 300 payment methods and international payments accepted, Worldpay is another brilliant payment gateway. Fraud screening is carried out to protect anyone paying through the gateway and multiple currencies can be processed.

  1. Braintree

The final of the Magento payment gateways on our list is Braintree. Braintree enables a smooth checkout for in app purchases and websites and supports global payment methods.

It has universal fraud protection and does not require a monthly subscription. Like a few of the gateways we have mentioned, Braintree takes a small percentage of each transaction instead of a monthly subscription fee.

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