2022’s Latest Web Design Trends Revealed

There are only a few weeks left of 2021, which makes this the ideal time for companies to start thinking about their web plans for the new year. If you are unsure of how to update your website, take a look at the top trends that will crop up in 2022.


  • Back to basics

Sometimes the best way to change your site is to bring it back to basics. Simplicity will be huge in web design next year, with visitors not wanting to be distracted by bold fonts, lots of imagery and pop-ups.

According to Creative Bloq: “Page design is going to trend toward lighter weight experiences that encourage the user to explore deeper, rather than putting everything up front in one page.”

This translates as simplified messaging, clear calls-to-action, vivid images, and fewer, but more meaningful, words.


  • Move to app-like experiences

Apps have taken over the world during the last decade, and their user experience is far superior than that of websites’. However, experience-focused sites are going to become more common-placed next year, as a way of drawing in visitors to the pages.

Web Flow confirms: “The world has gotten used to apps, where interaction, animation, and dynamic experiences are the norm. The logical next step is bringing that energy to websites and creating more unique experiences there.”

Thanks to new development tools, such as no-code, making these interactive and dynamic websites that engage the user more is becoming easier.


  • Focus on user experience

Perhaps the most important priority for web developers next year is making websites faster and easier for users to navigate.

People are becoming busier every year, which means their patience for slow websites and pages that take a long time to load is decreasing all the time. Therefore, speeding up the website is likely to boost engagement, retention and repeat visits.

In 2016, Pinterest focused on improving the performance of its pages to make the site more appealing to visitors. As a result of a 40 per cent decrease in Pinner wait time, it experienced a 15 per cent rise in search engine optimisation traffic and a 15 per cent growth in conversion rate for visitors to sign up.

It noted that this was the “team’s biggest user acquisition win” that year, which is what led Pinterest to remain focused on performance. It believes this is “one of the biggest opportunities for new user growth”.

Five years on, this priority has not changed, is why businesses should continue to focus on cutting their website load time and improving their page speed.


  • Make fonts interactive

People love engaging with sites, so 2022 will see more pages adopting interactive fonts. While this is mostly an aesthetic development, it could make the site more exciting, and therefore, appealing to visitors.

However, Web Flow reminded developers to keep “legibility in mind as some people are distracted by moving characters”.



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