5 Reasons You Should Have A Custom CMS

When it comes to choosing a content management system there are a variety of off-the-shelf options available that are suitable for a variety of website requirements. However, in some cases, some companies will benefit more from a custom CMS if they have specific requirements that may not otherwise be easily achieved using open source software.

A custom content management system is a piece of software that is developed specifically for the different functions and features a website requires. A custom CMS is used in place of open source content management systems when more complex website functions are required.

Benefits of using a custom CMS


Bespoke CMS can sometimes be more secure because the framework is unique and therefore has fewer security holes. This is because it is coded by one developer instead of a large team. This can make it much more difficult for hackers to exploit any bugs in the CMS and cause damage because they are unfamiliar with the system.


Open source content management systems come with a variety of different functions, however, for more in depth and complex functions a bespoke CMS is best. For example, if your client’s website needs a complex order tracking function, this will need to be custom coded. This means that the requirements of the website will determine whether a custom CMS is required.


Bespoke content management systems can be made as simple as possible which means that less training time is needed for your staff and those using the system to become familiar with it. Bespoke content management systems are developed from scratch to ensure that the needs of your client are met. This means the CMS only has the functions a website requires which can therefore make it simpler to navigate.

Custom Code

With a custom CMS, a bespoke design can be created, which is a major benefit for those clients looking to make their website stand out from competitors. This goes hand in hand with usability as the design of the CMS can be developed in a way that ensures people of all abilities can navigate it. All of the elements and functions of the CMS are custom coded which makes it simpler for your client to manage their website.


With a custom CMS, updates are rarely needed because the system is developed for an individual client. In most cases, updates are only required when the client wants to add a new function. Due to the fact that the developer has built the CMS themselves, extra functions can be built and added with ease. Furthermore, the developer will ensure that any new functions are compatible with current ones so that the CMS continues to run smoothly.

Why choose Codeias to build your custom CMS?

We have a professional and experienced team of developers that specialise in both custom and off-the-shelf CMS development. Our developers are dedicated to creating beautifully crafted content management systems and work closely with each client throughout the process to ensure the CMS is suited to their needs.

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