5 Things To Check Before Launching A New Website

The final stages before launching a new website are often the most critical to the user experience that the website offers to its audience. As we have launched thousands of websites we have worked with many digital agencies that forget these key items, which can be detrimental to their customer’s satisfaction.

As our way of helping our clients understand the main things to look for, we have gathered the top five areas of a website that must be checked before it is launched.

5 things you need to check before launching a new website

  1. Website security

Millions of websites are hacked on a daily basis leaving personal information compromised and causing damage to backend framework. Because of this, the security of your client’s website must be tested before it can be launched. The source code and database of your client’s website should be checked by an expert to ensure that it contains no security flaws.

  1. Independent backups

Although some hosting companies keep backups of their client’s websites on their servers, many hosting companies expect your client to have their website backed up in a different location that is independent to the server. The site should be backed up regularly to ensure that another version of the website is readily available if the current website becomes compromised.

  1. Responsiveness

Before launching a new website, it’s important to ensure that your client’s website is compatible with multiple platforms. With the amount of searches conducted each day on mobile devices, the site must be mobile-friendly and simple to navigate on any device. A skilled developer has the ability to code a website in a way that makes it fit all resolution sizes.

  1. SSL certificates

An SSL certificate should be in place on any website that processes payments and requires users to input personal information. Although many users don’t have an understanding of why an SSL certificate is needed, they are aware that websites with SSL certificates are often more secure.

  1. 404 pages

Often during a new website project new page content is created and as a result there are broken links and missing pages that can’t be avoided. In these cases it is essential to re-direct the page where possible, however if one is missed having a 404 error page in place can help to direct your users to another page on the site that may give them the information they are looking for.

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