6 Benefits of Using PHP in Web Development

PHP in Web Development PHP in web development is one of our most commonly requested services, as so many of our digital agency clients have struggled to find a consistent and knowledgeable PHP developer to work with them for ongoing projects.

PHP development is probably the most reliable and popular programming language available with several frameworks such as Yii PHP and ignite PHP allowing you to get very creative with the language and accomplish many functions with ease.

If you are trying to make the decision between PHP and other programming languages we would recommend reviewing the main benefits of using PHP code:

Benefits of PHP in Web Development

  1. Agile code

Some coding languages require lengthy scripts to perform functions however PHP can carry out functions with only a few lines of code. This improves the overall speed and performance of a website, making it ideal for those with complex functions and features that may be running slowly.

  1. Freely available programming language

PHP is a free to use coding language. This means that no costly software is needed for it to run and you don’t need to wait for the manufacturer to release updates. Because of this it’s often more cost effective to have a website written in PHP than in other languages.

  1. Support

If the PHP development is carried out by an experienced developer there will be little to no issues during and after the build of the website. However, should this happen, as it is a commonly used language another PHP developer will be able to offer support and make any fixes easily.

  1. Server Support

Some coding languages only support selected server configurations however PHP supports all major servers and often comes as standard. This means that a website written in PHP can be run on most web servers and can prevent issues arising when your website goes live.

  1. Efficient

As a scalable coding language PHP can perform several processes at once with minimal resources. This makes it an efficient language to code a website in as it can be scaled up or down, so if new functions are required for the website they can be implemented easily.

  1. Tried and Tested

PHP is one of the most popular coding languages and is favoured by developers all over the world. It has been tried and tested and deemed as a reliable language.

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