6 Summer Agency Marketing Covid Bounce Back Ideas

6 Summer Agency Marketing Covid Bounce Back Ideas


The pandemic forced agencies into taking unprecedented action with some even closing offices. As the pandemic lingers, most agencies agree that trying to advertise during these difficult times is a delicate balance.


As we adjust to the new normal, there is no doubt that we are entering a new economic era. An era marked with uncertainty and instability, but it is also the perfect time to rethink business and marketing strategies. It is also a great time to plan how small businesses can respond to future crises.


Business challenges have existed before COVID and will continue to exist even after the pandemic. Businesses must determine their needs and adjust their marketing strategies for survival. We’ve put together a list of post-COVID marketing ideas to help you as you plan for the future.


Post-Covid Marketing Ideas


Out-of-Home Advertising


Things are starting to come alive and more people are heading out of their homes. Investing in out-of-home advertising, particularly for businesses that deal with feel-good products such as fashion and beauty, will help people see your brand as they reenter the public scene.


After being indoors for months at a time, people are ready to travel, attend live events, and spend time with friends and family in public spaces. Investing in advertising at live events and outdoor areas will certainly help businesses reclaim their brand presence, voice, and identity.


More Personalization


In 2021, engaging, personalized communication is all the rage. Brand engagement is driven by consumer preferences, behaviour, and interests. More people are drawn to empathetic brand messaging rather than generic marketing content.


Marketing agencies should create messages that celebrate moving forward without forgetting the past. Agencies working with direct-to-consumer businesses must also redirect their marketing strategies from scarcity tactics and more towards nostalgic marketing. Most consumers are loyal to brands that they can connect with emotionally.


Social Responsibility


Brand messaging goes hand in hand with social responsibility. COVID-19 has shifted consumer consciousness and more people are now adopting sustainable habits. Agencies must create campaigns that align with consumer ethics and sentiments.


Marketing campaigns that take a stand in the fight against discrimination and social issues enjoy more consumer support. Create content marketing strategies that are empathetic to social issues. Consider incorporating active participation in social causes in local communities into your marketing campaigns.


Social Media


Even as the world opens back up, consumers will keep using their social media platforms. As a marketing agency, the most effective strategy is to meet your target consumer where they are going.


Platforms such as TikTok and Youtube have gained extensive popularity during the pandemic. Marketers are turning to short, catchy videos posted on social media platforms to advertise and promote client business brands.


There’s no doubt COVID has made a major impact on digital marketing agencies. Many agencies are cutting back on their advertising expenditure, but this is the perfect time to double your efforts to put brands you are promoting in the limelight.


Use these tips to boost brand awareness during these difficult times. You can also contact our team at Codieas on 01257 758 078 or email us at enquiries@codeias.com