7 Digital Agency Marketing Trends For 2020

More and more customers now research online before making a purchase. As a result, it is impossible for agencies to ignore digital marketing as an integral part of their sales strategy. Digital marketing trends evolve each year. What may have worked in 2019 may not work in 2020 and coming years.

Technology connects your agency to buyers across the globe. For many businesses, this means that generating product awareness & driving new client acquisitions. Using modern online methods to generate ROI means using dynamic digital marketing strategies. We look at some of the top digital marketing trends for your agency to watch out for in 2020.


  1. Voice Search

Think Siri, Alexa, and Google Voice. By 2020, it is estimated that all searches will be done using voice search. Currently, over 31% of smartphone users already use these voice-activated searches which make it one of the biggest digital marketing trends.

Individuals no longer feel odd communicating with their devices. General keywords to watch out for are “Where”, “When”, “How”, and “What”. Running paid ads could also be used to check consumer traffic generated through voice search. Optimise your site for voice search by including long tail keywords to help your brand maximise its campaigns.


  1. Influencer Marketing

Social influencer marketing involved internet celebs with millions of followers. However, more companies are now turning to people with smaller followings to reach their target audience. Over 92% of customers trust consumer recommendations over corporate advertising.


  1. Personalisation

70% of customers are annoyed by generic ads. 90% of consumers respond to personalised advertising. 2020 should be the year your brand starts personalised marketing. This includes personalised emails to your clients, content, and products among others.


  1. Content Experiences

Content experience is the combination of content and context. Each piece of content on your marketing strategy should convey an experience for your users. Content experience can be greatly improved using relevant design and placement.

Content experience used correctly addresses user experience and puts the marketer in control. As a marketer interactive content and videos should be a major part of your 2020 strategy.


  1. AR and VR Marketing

Augmented and Virtual Reality have become more popular with the increase of apps on smartphones and tablets. Online buyers appreciate the option of trying before buying which lowers returns while increasing engagement.

AR also allows businesses to incorporate digital elements into their physical products and locations.


  1. Social Media

Marketers can also take advantage of Social media marketing, SEO, email campaigns, and digital content to attract customers. Most e-commerce websites will have a social media official to interact with online buyers.

Using keyword optimisation and relevant content on a company’s product pages can also boost traffic. Inbound and digital advertising can also improve campaigns that draw customers and improve sales.


  1. Streaming Videos such as agency sit downs and project showcases

In 2019 streaming videos were a main feature in digital marketing. Consumers using electronic media prefer video over audio and content. Streaming videos have also proved to be a useful tool in awareness, increase sales, and boost confidence in business brands.

Videos can also be used as tutorials, vlogs, and short explainer videos detailing product information. Video advertisements and service explanations are also projected to gain more popularity. Consumers love visual content and in future, video content marketing will continue to lead.


As an agency owner, it is important to understand the marketing trends and stay on top of digital marketing in future. Codeias can help you put together a marketing strategy for your agency that meets future trends. Let our marketing experts help you implement these digital marketing trends for 2020. Reach out to us on 01257 758 078 or email us at enquiries@codeias.com.