Agency Marketing Goals For 2019

For web development companies, marketing is invaluable if you want to grow the business, retain, and attract more clients. In the digital space a web space acts as a showcase for your web development company.


At Codeias, we value our relationships with our partner agencies and their clients. We showcase our innovations using marketing strategies aligned with business goals. Well defined marketing goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timed and based on your customers business goals.



If you want to set well defined agency marketing goals consider the following.


Develop a marketing plan


Developing a marketing plan involves identifying how much income you aim to generate. Compare this to the revenue earned to get an accurate figure of the gap you need to close. You also need to determine how many sales you will need to close this gap.


Document these objectives and set up accountability mechanisms to ensure your time and energy is focused on these goals in 2019.


Targeted Marketing


Understanding your targeted source of revenue helps you close the gap between marketing and selling. Web development companies can stand out from the competition and achieve their marketing goals by refining their target.


Develop, and constantly monitor your approach to generate leads and set your benchmarks. If you need 100 qualified leads, a good target would be around 350-400 leads. More coverage leads to more clients.


Proactively Approaching Clients


This involves contacting both new and old clients to increase your business contacts. You can update existing clients on new web development innovations and review new clients website’s to provide advice on areas of improvement.


A personal, customised approach focused on specific clients is always better at conversion than a generic message delivered to thousands.


Targeting new business with little to no experience in web development may also work with agency marketing goals. Offer friendly costs to update their sites and marketing services to position yourself as the ideal agency marketing partner.



Building Recurring Client and Industry Connections


A web development company should have working relationships with industry professionals such as advertising agencies, marketing consultants, and graphics designers. This understated resource can provide a lot of business through referrals.


In addition, you can combine their specialist services with your expertise, which can be very beneficial to your clients.


Implement Key Business Targets


It is important that you do not neglect your business goals as you pursue your marketing goals. They play a big role in balancing out the metrics. This may include sales and revenue of a particular product, customer retention rates, and job applicants if your business is growing.


We would love to talk to you more about your agency marketing goals in 2019


By setting SMART marketing goals, agencies can generate more leads and achieve their business goals.


We have extensive experience helping many agencies achieve their targeted goals. Over the years, we have perfected the process of efficiently gathering accurate data and defining the capabilities of each team member to achieve optimum results in the least time possible. Our highly experienced team assists you in reviewing and redefining your marketing goals often to ensure we follow the plan.


Codeias can also help keep costs down with white label development for your agency in line with your business goals.


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