Agency Marketing Trends 2020

There have been incredible innovations shaping digital media in 2020. Technology continues to advance rapidly with many new trends focused around the digital coming up. The industry has also experienced a significant push-back against AI and data-driven marketing trends with widespread fear of breach of user privacy.

One thing remains clear, the marketing trends that will remain dominant in 2020 are those focused on customer experience and increased content visualization as key factors. The definition of agency marketing trends is also getting broader. Most web development agencies can agree that it has grown beyond advertising and branding.

Web agency owners across the globe are more interested in building intense user experiences that keep their users engaged long-term.


Video Marketing


Video marketing is not an option. When it comes to selling, text-based content just doesn’t cut it anymore. Consumers are always on the go creating an increased need for visual content that relays the message faster. It also helps that users can skip right to the important parts without having to spend minutes skimming through a whole document.

Video marketing is also thought-provoking and creates an emotional connection with users.


Positive Customer Experiences


It’s no secret great products can be buried under poor service. The focus has shifted from “just creating fantastic products” to creating fantastic products and delivering them on a silver platter. Users expect a seamless experience from prompt customer service to personalised messaging.

Coordinating digital marketing with sales and customer services will allow agencies to deliver quality customer experiences. Easier payment options will also contribute greatly to a better user experience.


Chatbots Awaken


This AI software collects data as it interacts with users learning more about their needs and how to improve products or services. In previous years, chatbots have been used to provide basic support functions.

In 2020, chatbots are smarter and offer more advantages than traditional support such as 24-hour service, instant response, and saving on costs associated with overtime, breaks, and vacations. Users also prefer chatbots to phone calls.


Virtual and Augmented Reality


Augmented reality is still taking the lead over virtual reality despite its early lead. More companies are using augmented reality to help buyers visualise what products will look and feel like in use before making a purchase.


Interactive Content


More users are interested in interactive and visual content for many reasons. Interactive content stands out, it increases engagement, and users enjoy it more than text and other types of content.


Personalised Marketing


Personalised marketing is winning over generic ads for more users. Connecting with the target audience in a more personalised way is more meaningful to buyers which makes them more likely to make a purchase and return for more.

Things are moving faster than ever in the digital marketing space. To stay relevant, agencies have to be proactive in predicting which trends are going to keep growing and evolve into even more exciting innovations.


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