AI-Powered Product Recommendations for Magento

With most people around the globe confined to their homes, the focus on eCommerce has shifted. Your clients buyers are now limited to online purchases and Adobe Analytics Data shows traffic has increased on Magento commerce sites to levels comparable to Black Friday.

With this much growth, online businesses are keen to ensure their services and products are available to buyers with minimal disruptions. Adobe has recently introduced AI-Powered Product Recommendations for Magento Commerce. The AI technology, currently available globally, allows merchants to integrate technology with product recommendations to help buyers get access to appropriate products.

Perks of AI-Powered Recommendations for Magento


There are numerous benefits to be gained from this AI-Powered Product Recommendations key among them, the ability of merchants to deliver the best services to buyers with ease. In a time when there is boundless activity on online stores, AI-Powered Recommendations help merchants flourish by providing compelling shopping experiences to buyers.


Al Driven Retail Experience: Shopper’s behaviours are automatically analyzed through various algorithms which reduces the manual labour required to produce almost accurate product affinities for online shoppers.


Streamlined User Workflow: The streamlined workflow derived from the driven shopping experience makes it easier for buyers to access clearly defined product and service recommendations. Online businesses can recommend products to their buyers in a matter of minutes.


Nine Different Types of Recommendations: Online businesses can pick from nine ‘Recommendation Types’ powered by Sensei and strategically place them on the storefront. These Recommendation Types include Trending, More Like This, Most Purchased, Recommended For You, Viewed-Viewed, and Viewed-Bought among others.


Auto Distributed Page Tagging and Catalog Sync: Storefronts benefit from instant tagging with no development or coding required. This ensures all features are deployed correctly with no inconvenience to business owners. The store’s product catalogue is also automatically synced to the cloud services offloading all processing from the Magento Server.


Embedded Merchant Experience: The integrated user interface allows online businesses to create, manage, and deploy products recommendations with ease. This can be done directly from the Magento Admin which also keeps merchants updated on metrics such as views, clicks, impressions, revenue, and more.


What’s This Going To Cost You?


Previously, for small Magento Commerce merchants, effective leveraging of AI-Powered Product Recommendations would have been too expensive and time-consuming. The good news is, Adobe is offering this feature absolutely free for Magento Commerce stores. It is also easy to configure, simply go to Magento Marketplace and install.

Product Recommendations have been available since the start of the year at no additional costs for Magento Commerce stores. The updates are compatible with Magento Commerce 2.3 and up. If your clients need a more robust personalisation platform, we are happy to make recommendations. Get in touch with on 01257 758078 or email us at for further inquiries.