Awesome Modern Fonts for Your Clients Websites

Awesome Modern Fonts for Your Clients Websites

Choosing the right font style for your clients’ websites can make a significant impact on their user experience. Fonts directly affect readability and also have a powerful psychological impact on buyers visiting the site.


Fonts convey brand values and play a big role in completing and complementing web design. When choosing a font, it is also important to ensure it is web-safe across all browsers and devices.


As you choose a font, consider your clients target audience. Younger shoppers might prefer modern, edgy fonts while mature buyers might be drawn towards sleek, classy fonts. We’ve prepared this guide to help you choose the best fonts for your clients’ websites.


Modern Fonts- Top Picks For 2021




This free font comes in both serif and sans serif versions. Designed by Faridul Haque, it is tidy and clean with stylish curves and straight angles. The serif version features thin extensions which are small with a neat curve connector.


Lowercase letters in this font are dainty and excellent for use in small paragraphs.


Lovely Home


Lovely home is a calligraphy font featuring simple, stretched out letters and beautiful connections. This beautiful font is excellent for use on ‘home’ signs and makes a warm welcome banner.


Beautiful People


Also a calligraphy font, Beautiful People leans to the right slightly giving it a formal look. Its clean design also gives it an elegant look making it the perfect font for invitations. The versatile font can also be used in digital media for logos as well as headers.




Azonix is a modern, minimalistic font that gives off a futuristic vibe. The letters are perfectly sized and fit together flawlessly. Created by Mixo!, Azonix features an A without a crossline lending a unique look to the font. This font is ideal for logos and headlines.




Manrope embodies modern typography. This geometric font features excellent readability in upper and lowercase letters. The digits are designed for numbers and are perfect for use on clocks, phone numbers, and apps dealing with numbers.


Manrope also comes in Cyrillic and Latin variations and ligatures.


Coco Gothic


Coco Gothic is an elegant, fashionable, sleek font. The modern geometric font features detailed curves and comes in 6 weights with letter alternates for ‘a’ and ‘g’. Coco Gothic is a gorgeous font created by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and it is perfect for giving your clients websites a contemporary, edgy look.


Calling Angels


Calling Angels is a modern, stunning calligraphy font with a unique classic vibe. The font features additional line strokes on each letter and is ideal for titles.




One of the fancier fonts on the list, Acuentre is an old-fashioned yet modern gothic-look font. The calligraphy font features over-the-top accents that make titles and headers stand out. Acuentre is a great font for anyone looking to make a statement and leave an impression.


Best Modern Fonts For Websites


Fonts are the first thing visitors notice on a website, even before they read the content. When developing a new website, choose the best font to make a good first impression on visitors. Whether you choose fonts that stand out or regular fonts that don’t take away from the user experience, ensure the website looks neat.


Remember, the best fonts for your clients’ websites convey meaning and play a big part in making or breaking brand identity. Get in touch with us on 01257 758 078 or email us at to find out more about fonts for an upcoming project or existing websites.