Backing Up Your Clients Website, 3 Simple Steps and Tools

Backing Up Your Clients Website, 3 Simple Steps and Tools


Data loss is a common incident that can cost your clients business. If your clients are online retailers, any website downtime negatively impacts their revenue. Luckily, backing up your clients site can save them money and save you time. Should anything unfortunate happen to the website, you won’t need to start from scratch.

Whether data loss happens through malicious hackers or human error, having a recovery plan in place also positions your brand as an expert service provider who plans ahead. So how do you backup your clients website?


WordPress Website Backups-Requirements


There are four major elements to look for in a backup software system. These include:


  • It should be regularly updated
  • It should capture as much data from the main site as possible
  • It should be on a different server from the main site
  • It should be easy to access and restore when needed



How To Backup Your Clients Site Using WordPress Plugin


WordPress offers you lots of plugins to use for site backup. These are categorised into full-site backup plugins that generate complete copies of the site and incremental backup plugins that generate backups when you make additional changes to the website.


While full-site backups are free, you will need to invest money to get the incremental backup tools. Most WordPress plugins work similarly to make it easier to navigate around different tools. UpdraftPlus is one such tool that helps you backup client website in 3 simple steps.


Step 1


Install and activate UpdraftPlus.


Step 2


Go to settings >UpdraftPlus


Step 3


Select Backups >Backup Now and create an archive file that you can download anytime.


Once you click on ‘Backup Now’, UpdraftPlus will ask which parts of the site you would like to backup. The options available are ‘Include your database in the backup’ and ‘Include your site in the backup.’ We recommend checking both boxes.


Click on the confirmation button and wait for the plugin to generate your backup.


UpdraftPlus also allows you to download and restore parts of your backup file separately. You can download and restore themes, plugins, upload files, and even databases. You also have the option of deleting or restoring them.


This plugin also offers more features that enhance the backup experience such as backing up your clients site on a set schedule and linking the UpdraftPlus to a cloud storage account where your files are sent automatically.


If you’re interested in other WordPress plugins check out BackWPup, Backup and Staging, XCloner, and Total UpKeep.


How To Restore UpdraftPlus Backup


Using UpDraft to restore your clients site is simple.


The Plugin will prompt you to choose which components of the site you would like to restore, select all of them and confirm your selection to proceed with restoration.


After restoration of the backup is complete, the site should revert to its previous version.


UpdraftPlus also offers incremental backups as a premium tool.


Do It Now!


Backing up your site with WordPress plugins is simple and cost-effective. We recommend keeping your clients site updates regularly to ensure constant changes are captured in the backup for easier recovery. Luckily, UpDraft allows you to schedule regular backups to ensure all your data is kept safe.


Reach out to us on 01257 758 078 or email us at to find out more about how you can backup your clients business site and learn about more tools that you can use.