Best Practices for WordPress Development in 2020

As a developer, the best way to sell yourself is to make your sites stand out with the best practices. Whether you are going for simple plugins or want to redesign your current client’s website in line with the Gutenberg editor updates, why not let your work speak for itself?

WordPress offers many developers flexibility and intuition giving business owners unparalleled ease when it comes to publishing content. Here are some of what we think are the best practices for WordPress in 2020.


Make Updates in a Test Environment


We get it, you are excited about the new updates, but every developer worth their salt knows making changes directly to the website can result in the site crashing. For business owners, any site downtime is bad for business.

To eliminate the risk of your clients losing money, use a staging site or use free apps such as Local.


Update the WordPress Plugins


WordPress plugins are helpful tools and if used correctly they can help improve the speed and security of the website. When working on a clients website, ensure you carry out an audit of the and update all outdated plugins.


Update to the latest WordPress Version and PHP


For developers, upgrading to the latest WordPress version is not only an important part of site maintenance, but it is also critical for security. Most websites get hacked because of outdated WordPress core, themes, or plugins.

WordPress developers are consistently zeroing in on all security vulnerabilities, fixing bugs, and adding new features to make sites more secure for both business owners and users. Why not take advantage of these features and help keep your clients’ websites secure?


Understand the Gutenberg Editor


WordPress 5.0 introduced the world to the Gutenberg editor which will continue long after the classic editor is phased out in December 2021. The Gutenberg editor gives your clients lots of friendly features including easy formatting with blocks.

We highly recommend using a Local WordPress site to experiment and get a feel of the new editor if you haven’t started using it.

Exploring the Gutenberg editor as a developer also gives you the chance to troubleshoot so you can see how your client’s existing content will react to Gutenberg.


Develop With The User in Mind


Developing a user-friendly site allows you to adopt an empathetic view as you build your clients’ websites. The average user will visit their favourite websites daily using their mobile devices. Building a fully responsive, mobile-friendly website puts your client ahead of the competition.

We recommend running a test with a novice user in your target audience so you can find out how easy it is to use the site and whether it suits user needs.

The WordPress community is growing at a rapid pace. Developers have to constantly update and use the best practices to keep up. No matter how much experience you have, your client’s websites always have to speak for you.


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