Bootstrap Development

Bootstrap Development Web developers understand how time-consuming coding an entire mobile-friendly website or web application from scratch can be – especially when time is restricted. Many developers are now turning to Bootstrap development to speed up the process and guarantee mobile friendliness.

Bootstrap was initially released in August 2011 as open source framework and is now favoured by web developers globally for its simplicity and responsiveness.

What is Bootstrap development?

Bootstrap is the most popular front-end CSS, JavaScript and HTML framework amongst website developers. The framework consists of snippets of code written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS that enable web developers to create dynamic mobile-friendly websites and web applications.

Supported by the majority of browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome, Bootstrap provides a single code base that efficiently scales websites and applications to any device.

The framework is intended for developers with any level of skill. It aims to improve the process of creating websites and applications by providing oddments of code that can be edited to suit any project.

The benefits of Bootstrap development

Using Bootstrap when developing websites and applications brings a variety of benefits that can improve the entire development process. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Responsiveness

The volume of searches carried out on mobile devices has significantly increased in recent years which has led to a surge in demand for user-friendly websites. Bootstrap is equipped with a 12 column grid system and a responsive layout that quickly adapts to the screen size and resolution of any device. The ‘responsive utility classes’ feature within Bootstrap enables developers to select specific areas of content that will be shown on different screen sizes.

  • Development speed

Instead of coding from scratch, Bootstrap offers developers pre-built blocks of code and readymade themes. This significantly reduces development time which is beneficial for developers that are required to build a website or web application promptly.

  • Customisable

Another benefit of Bootstrap development is that the framework can be customised to suit the requirements of any website or web application. Areas of the pre-built coded blocks can be easily edited therefore allowing developers to create websites according to their own specifications.

  • Consistency

Bootstrap ensures that websites built using its framework are consistent – regardless of who has developed them. The features are compatible with the majority of browsers and mobile friendliness is guaranteed.

  • Support

Because Bootstrap is open source, there is a vast community of developers that provide support when necessary. Furthermore, the curators of Bootstrap also release regular updates to eliminate any issues with the framework.

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