Brilliant Magento 2 Addons for 2021 And Beyond

Brilliant Magento 2 Addons for 2021 And Beyond

Each business is unique with different requirements and preferences. Choosing the best Magento extensions for your client needs can help boost revenue and increase their site’s efficiency.

Store owners working with Magento generally enjoy its user-friendly interface and multiple functionalities. The e-commerce platform relies on extensions for most functions and now, we’ve got even more options to help your clients hike sales and profits.

The Magento 2 extensions are designed to help store owners promote their products, enhance credibility, build more leads, and increase customer satisfaction.

Top Magento 2 Extensions for 2021

Nosto Personalisation for Magento

This is one of the best Magento 2 extensions. It offers on-site product recommendations and allows display of customised recommendations for shoppers online. The AI-powered personalisation tool can be used for retail and wholesale.

Nosto analyses data across the store in real-time and allows users to optimise marketing campaigns. The tool also allows users to retarget shoppers using Facebook and Instagram ads based on their shopping preferences without dedicated IT resources.


TaxJar Sales Tax Automation

For some store owners, sales tax can be time-consuming. TaxJar Sales deals with calculations and financial aspects of the e-commerce business, by automating sales tax collection, filing and reporting.

The lightweight extension is easy to use and works with global tax rates. TaxJar quickly and accurately calculates customer sales tax according to their shipping address.


Magento One-step Checkout

Abandoned customer carts are a merchant’s worst nightmare. Magento 2 features One-Step Checkout allowing businesses to streamline checkout operations to one page by simplifying the process.

Magento One-Step Checkout reduces cart abandonment by up to 66% and increases conversions by up to 30%. This add-on is coded with unparalleled support by the Magento community and features total customisation so you can remove and add fields and even allow coupon codes.


Google Analytics

Magento 2 features Google Analytics, a powerful plugin that allows merchants to track store traffic in less than 5 minutes. This plugin is easy to implement and it gives store owners the ability to define custom dimensions for tracking.

Google Analytics tracks visitors from the home page to checkout. It also supports mobile app and offline interactions with access to ongoing updates. Merchants can also use Google Analytics to track Facebook conversions from Google Ads.


Magento 2 Shop By Brand

The Shop By Brand extension allows customers to shop for preferred products in a unique experience. Customers can explore dedicated brand pages while merchants can create different brands with their names and logos using this extension.

It also facilitates brand import, facilitates instant search for brands, and is compatible with layered navigation.


Loyalty Lion

Shoppers love loyalty reward programs. LoyaltyLion allows merchants to offer referral codes, loyalty points, and other rewards to shoppers. This extension allows full customisation to fit your brand, products, and shopper preferences.

LoyaltyLion gives shoppers points for creating accounts, liking social media pages, and sharing links with friends which is a powerful marketing tool.


The Best Magento 2 Extensions For You in 2021 and Beyond

Choosing the right Magento extensions helps merchants manage store data efficiently and provide the best services to customers. With the right Magento plugins, you can help your clients increase sales and build brand loyalty which ultimately determines business growth.


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