Cdn’s Worth It In 2021?

Cdn’s Worth It In 2021?

A content delivery network speeds up your clients’ websites by caching files in servers around the world. Visitors to the site from anywhere across the globe enjoy content automatically served from the nearest server boosting speed and page responsiveness.

CDN’s are designed to host and relay copies of static, images, JavaScript, CSS, and video streams. Today, CDN is an umbrella term for cloud platforms, and cloud network platforms.

How Does It Work?

A CDN is different from a WordPress host and is one way to increase your site’s performance in terms of speed.  Sometimes referred to as points of presence, POPs, CDN’s load your site’s content from servers closest to their location.

A WordPress hosting company will typically serve the site from a single location and all visitors get access to the site from the same server. As a result, high traffic websites may experience delays or even crash from multiple requests.

This is where CDN’s apply by caching your server’s static resources. When a visitor makes a request, all static resources are served through a CDN closest to their location at the fastest speed possible.


Benefits of Using a CDN


  • Faster load time- Users receive content from the nearest CDN POP reducing latency caused by sending requests to the origin.
  • Lower Bandwidth costs- CDN caching and request optimisation helps reduce delivery costs significantly with less traffic leaving the origin server.
  • Higher scalability- CDNs provides an always-on experience even when the site experiences origin failure.
  • Increased security- By acting as a proxy to the origin server, CDN’s hide the original server’s IP offering an extra layer of security.


Why CDN’s are Essential in 2021

COVID-19 has seen most of the population spending more time on digital platforms. From school, work, and shopping, to gaming and streaming, many sites are experiencing enormous traffic. CDN’s can help deliver content faster and more securely to ensure a consistent user experience.

Beyond delivering simple content distribution solutions, CDN’s also enhance website performance offering spontaneous image compression, and features such as ‘Always Online’ that brings up cached versions of the site in case the origin server is compromised.

CDN’s providers are also pocket-friendly with some offering these services at no cost and others starting at as little as $0.01/GB. If your client is on a tight budget, consider Cloudflare that offers its services at no cost.


Popular CDN Providers

There are lots of options to choose from with most CDN providers offering free trials so you can choose the best one for your clients.








Amazon CloudFront

Microsoft Azure


Do Your Client’s Need CDN’s in 2021?

Having a WordPress CDN is an invaluable asset for any digital business in 2021. This simple performance enhancement requires no developer time to implement and significantly improves user experience. In addition, faster load times could lead to better SERP rankings and increased conversions for your clients’ websites.


If you can’t afford one, we recommend CloudFlare’s free CDN. When shopping for a CDN consider a plan that works for your budget and online content. Get in touch with us on 01257 758 078 or email us at to find out more about CDN security, speed and other factors to consider before starting a new project.