Celebrating Our Office Move

We have recently moved into the Strawberry Fields Digital Hub in Chorley; our office move was seamless and we are very happy with our new offices! It had us thinking of major office moves and some of the pitfalls and issues that often arise. Let us know if you have experienced any of the issues mentioned below and how you came to overcome them.

Office moves can be so exciting, but with so many moving parts, how do you ensure everything is organised and none of your clients work is affected? Sooner or later, almost every company will have to move its office. For a startup, it can be moving to a bigger space to accommodate more clients and staff members. For established outfits, it can be a move to a new office with modern amenities.

At Codeias, we envisioned the finished work space at Strawberry Fields Digital Hub. The new office. Everyone working and thriving in their brand new, perfectly organised offices. However, so many things can go wrong including service interruptions or employees leaving because the new location doesn’t suit them.

When we were moving, everyone was pretty excited so we didn’t have to worry about losing any of our team members. Over the years, we have watched Codeias grow from a small startup to a leading white label development company. We have worked on many projects for varying digital agencies who had trouble finding the right developer.

With feel we have one of the best teams in the industry, we are watching as the company takes a bigger, more visible step into a new location crowning all of our hard work and allowing us more space to expand our business.

If you’re thinking about moving, we have a few tips for you. Plan and budget for any delays that might be caused by the move. Expect and plan for delays. you can plan down to the last minute, but there will always be unforeseen factors that may cause delays.

Coordinate and plan the move to ensure it happens seamlessly. We tried to schedule every part of the move meticulously. We had plans for the employees, movers, and most importantly our clients and all their projects so that none of our agencies suffered interruption.

As a web development agency, our IT department was the most crucial part of the move. This meant keeping things up and running in the old location while setting up in the new location. This made the move seamless.


If you are an existing client who would like to find out how our office move will affect you, or a prospective client who would like to find out how we can help your digital agency from our new location contact us on 01257 758078 or email us at enquiries@codeias.com