Choosing the Best Payment Gateway For Your Clients

A payment gateway is a software that safely and securely interfaces between the buyers’ mode of payment and the merchant site. For most buyers, credit and debit cards are favourites. Thankfully, setting up payment gateways for your clients is no longer a challenge. There are many options to choose from including PayPal, Skrill, Amazon Payments, and Stripe among many others.

An online payment gateway provider makes it easy for your clients to receive electronic payments. These gateways also make it easier and more economical for small businesses to receive payment without having to invest in all the hardware, software, security, and connections required to facilitate payment.

Before choosing a payment gateway for your clients, there are a few factors to consider.


Customer Safety and Security


No matter how small the business is, buyers expect a secure payment option. In the past, big companies had the advantage of having the ability to invest in innovative security measures that are constantly updated.

Now, payment gateways have made it easier for small businesses to access secure modes of payment. Some gateways even allow customisation of the payment experience to give buyers a more intimate experience. Ensure the payment gateway you choose for your client is certified and follows PCI-DSS standards.


Integration Method


A payment gateway that suits your client’s business should be able to scale easily to accommodate the business’ growth and its increasing needs. Assess your clients’ business needs, long-term goals, and budgets to choose the best payment gateway provider.


Payment Processing Fees and Policies


Anyone who touches the transaction will want to get paid from the issuing bank and the payment gateway provider to the merchant bank. Every time buyers process a transaction, there are interchange fees, assessment fees, markup fees, and processing fees.

These fees often come bundled together making it difficult to figure out each fee and where it’s going. However, choosing a payment gateway with fair processing fees for both the buyers and merchants is also an important factor.


Payment Gateway Features


It is important to choose a payment gateway that syncs with your client’s payment systems. Favoured gateways should enable the business to provide mobile access, EMV credit card processing, omnichannel offering, and simple integration. They should also provide security and reduce interruption to the site’s existing buyer workflow improving efficiency and user experience.

The payment gateway must also allow your client to keep track of all payments from across the globe.


24/7 Customer Support


It is critical to check whether the payment gateway offers customer support around the clock. Effective customer support makes it easier for your clients’ customers to reach them in case of trouble processing payments, double payments, or other problems.

Customer Support accessibility also increases the business’ credibility and provides an opportunity for consumer engagement.

Choosing the best payment gateway for your client can help their business grow. Take the time to research before committing to a specific payment gateway provider. It is also useful to read reviews from other businesses using the same gateway.


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