A day in the life of a Codeias WordPress developer

We thought we’d try something a little bit different this week, we are often asked what it’s like working at Codeias so we are starting a series of blog posts that give you an insight into what our team of developers get up to everyday!

In the first instalment of this series we are interviewing Martyn, our go to guy for all things WordPress development.

Let’s start off with a little introduction…

I’m Martyn and my job title is WordPress Developer at Codeias, I have worked here for over 3 years and am one of the main members of the development team.

As a WordPress developer I am responsible for building, developing and maintaining a range of responsive websites. Even though my title does indicate that I’m only responsible for our WordPress projects, I also work on all of the projects that we manage including Magento, HTML5 and CSS3 development, JavaScript and PHP planning and development.

I do have a main focus on WordPress and am thrown questions from clients on a daily basis on how to solve their issues quickly! A large part of my job role also means that I need a good eye for design and UX, we are really passionate about creating beautiful websites with a beautiful interface, so one of the main aspects of my day to day work is ensuring this is in place for all our clients.

What does an average day look like for you?

I don’t think that any day at Codeias could be described as average, because of our line of work there is always a new challenge to be risen to and a development problem to be solved! Our main client are website and marketing agencies, all of the work we do is strictly NDA so normally my day will start off with catching up with them.

Emails, phone calls and sometimes face to face meetings take place to discuss the progress of each project and what the estimated delivery dates are.

We also have in-house meetings where we will thrash out new problem solving ideas and discuss where each of us are up to with our workload. We are a very supportive bunch and often will work together on projects to ensure that our development is extremely high quality.

A large portion of my day is spent doing what I love the most, developing, coding, fixing and improving our client’s websites. Obviously there’s time for the odd brew here and there and some lunch but mostly I’m working on WordPress development projects.

What do you enjoy about working with WordPress?

Working with WordPress enables us to create easy to use, beautifully designed and coded websites for companies with a variety of requirements.

The content management system (CMS) makes managing your client’s websites much easier, you do not need knowledge of development to make simple changes to your website’s text and images. Users can update the blog, make changes to search engine optimisation features and secure their website’s with plugins so easily.

Even if you do require some assistance with WordPress development there are companies like Codeias here to quickly solve the issue with little fuss and disruption!

Interested in working with Martyn and the team at Codeias?

If you have WordPress development or any other development problems that need solving our team is on hand to help! For more information on the services that we offer 01257 758078.