Content Marketing for Agencies – Why its important

Content Marketing for Agencies – Why its important


Content is king, however for modern agencies and their clients, relevant content that connects to your audience can push your brand to the next level. For most agencies, content marketing is at the heart of all digital campaigns.

What exactly is content marketing?

The core concept of content marketing revolves around creating, publishing, and distributing (promoting) web content to a target market with the aim of increasing conversions. The content can  be in form of blog articles, emails, webinars, podcasts, infographics, apps, and so much more. This information is then closely monitored so that you can track and measure the effects and results.

For web designers, the saturated market means you have to set yourself apart by establishing a reputation while retaining and growing your client base. Content marketing is a way to stand out. You need to have a content marketing strategy in order to stay afloat in the sea of agencies available at the click of a button.


Why is content marketing important?

Form our work with top agencies around the country, we’ve gathered a list of the top benefits of using content marketing for your agency.


Builds Brand Awareness

Agencies are now operating in a customer-centric reality. Content marketing offers value and meaning, and gives your clients an entire ecosystem they can tap into for information about your brand.

Research shows that content marketing generates up to thrice the number of leads outbound marketing does. This inspires conversion rates six-fold and also boosts web traffic.

Content marketing makes brands more than just faceless companies selling stuff. Consumers can now connect and relate to your brand inspiring changes in personal behaviour.


Boosts Organic SEO

Expert, informative content that adds value to your target audience is recognised by Google and other search engines as useful and will rank higher on the SERP. While the algorithms that determine ranking change frequently, updating your content to make sure it stays relevant to modern queries will keep your clients’ site ranking higher for longer.


Establishes You as a Trusted Brand

People trust expertise. Through improved conversions and good ranking on the SERP, you establish your brand as a trusted agency that can help clients solve problems. A good reputation will convince your target audience that you offer a valuable service with excellent results guaranteed.


Cost Effective

Small businesses that require consistent traffic to boost sales can use content marketing to generate leads. Traditional marketing costs more than content marketing, up to 62% more. Investing time and and consistent effort in content marketing can increase traffic significantly.

There’s no need to spend thousands on inbound marketing which can be stopped before it takes off by downloading an ad blocker.

The bottomline is, content marketing helps you attract only to those buyers that are interested in your services. It helps you filter out the less valuable leads so you can focus your marketing efforts on high quality leads. This results in less wasted resources.


Instead of boring your audience with interchangeable ads, invest in content marketing and reap it’s benefits for longer. If you are looking for engaging content to keep your target audience compelled, call us on 01257 758 078 or email us at