COVID-19 Planning for Your Agency

Firstly, we’d like to appreciate all the Front Line Workers who have dedicated themselves to helping our communities stay safe while fighting this pandemic. Web development agencies are not front line workers, but, like most businesses, they have been hard hit by COVID-19.

We take a look at how you can plan ahead while evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on your agency. At Codeais, we aim to help agencies transform the massive challenges currently facing most web development agencies into meaningful challenges.

Now, more than ever, the world has been forced to shift their daily activities online. This shift has made the IT sector a vital aspect of most people’s lives. Schools, offices, restaurants, retail shops, and almost all other industries have moved their services online.

As we operate in this new reality, small and mid-sized web development agencies can also plan to cope with COVID-19 and its long and short-term effects.


Review and Reprioritise Your Projects


Different industries have felt the impact of COVID-19 in different ways. For web developers whose major clients are eCommerce businesses offering essential goods, the pandemic has provided an opportunity to serve in vital industries.

By evaluating your portfolio and current projects you can restructure your services to focus on thriving sectors. We recommend looking into online payment solutions, and delivery coverage as key projects to ensure your client’s businesses continue to survive.


Boost Your Clients’ Website Preparedness for Increased Traffic


More consumers are confined to working from home which means they can only shop online. Ensuring your clients’ websites are user friendly and equipped for heavy traffic will position your agency as the web developer of choice for many small and upcoming businesses.

We recommend reviewing the user experience, performance, discoverability, availability, and stability as key performance indicators for all your websites.


Start Projects That Make Online Shopping Easier


COVID-19 has posed many challenges and restrictions to brick and mortar industries. However, we cannot deny that it has given web development agencies and the tech sector as a whole a unique opportunity to provide viable solutions.

As an agency, dedicating your resources to projects that will make the online shopping experience easier for business owners and end-consumers will help your clients’ businesses survive and thrive. These initiatives are not only helpful for small business owners but they can also help save jobs.


Be Flexible and Provide More Value


For small agencies, lower business overheads may give room for flexibility in terms of pricing, restructuring client contracts, and delaying invoices for long-term clients. This flexibility also impacts retention culture which allows more employees to keep their jobs and communicates your agency’s integrity and values to clients.

Your agency can also identify areas where you can offer clients more value. If your team has a background in SEO, data analytics, or content creation, consider providing these services to your clients at no extra cost. This allows the agency to provide more value to its clients and retain their business post-COVID-19.

As doors close, open up your agency to new exciting opportunities by adequately planning for COVID-19. While cutting costs may help your agency in the short term, we recommend taking these few steps to help your business survive and thrive through this pandemic. Get in touch with us on 01257 758078 or email us at for further inquiries.