Finding a reliable print designer

Finding a reliable print designer can a difficult task, especially a skilled one with industry experience and creative flair.

Print will always remain one of the staple ways to market a business. From leaflets, roller banners and business cards through to extensive catalogues and print marketing campaigns a print designer must be creative and knowledgeable within their craft.

However, we have worked with many clients that have previously struggled to find a reliable print designer before working with our team. We have created the following tips as a general guideline for you to follow if you are searching for a print designer.

So, what should you look for in a print designer?

  1. Ask to see examples of their work

The first thing that we would advise to do before working with a print designer is to request examples of their work. From this you will be able to gain an idea of their design style and whether you feel they can achieve what you are looking for. Even be specific with your request and ask to see designs that they have created within your industry.

  1. Industry experience

Tying in with examples of their work, you should try and consider what experience they have within print design, are they a specialist or is it just a hobby for them? If you want your print designs to stand out from the crowd you’ll need an experienced designer. Looking at companies they have worked with and simply speaking to them about their career within print design will give you a good indication of their industry experience and whether they are for you or not.

  1. They can design…but are they creative?

If you just want standard designs for your business then any designer will do however, for those who want something a little special you’ll require a designer that has a creative flare. Some of the most iconic marketing campaigns have been within print, so print design can make a huge difference to your marketing campaign if done correctly.

  1. Are they a reliable partner?

We have worked with many clients that have trialled using a freelance print designer for their client’s work however, once they are booked up with projects they can be difficult to reach. Instead, we would recommend working with a print designer that is part of a team, this way they can be relied on for delivery of your projects – you will feel more confident in them this way too.

Work with our print designers

We work with digital agencies on a regular basis as they have struggled to find a print designer to work directly in their offices. Instead, they utilise our experienced print design team to assist them with their design requirements.

Happy to work on an NDA basis, we can create bespoke and eye-catching designs for your clients – whatever their industry. We have extensive experience within print design, so whatever project your client comes to you with, we will be able to assist with our professional print design services.

To speak to a member of our print design team simply call 01257 758078 or email and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.