Four Top Tips For User Friendly Website Design

A user friendly website is vital for any online business that wants their customers to interact with their website easily. When designing a website, although the aesthetics are important, it has to be simple to navigate. If a website looks good and is easy to use, customers are more likely to continue to interact with it.

Our team of experienced designers and developers have put together 4 top tips on user friendly website design:

  1. Navigation

In order for a user to be able to navigate around a website, it has to be simple and easy to use. This is because, when visiting a website, the user wants to find what they’re looking for quickly and with minimal effort.

One of the ways to make sure your website will be user friendly is by including a search bar. Having a search bar on your website enables the user to search for a specific thing instead of going through each page or category individually. Furthermore, make sure that your menu bars are clearly visible and try to avoid using too many sub menus as the user will become bored of looking through them and will direct away from your website.

  1. Readability

When visiting a website, the user needs to be able to understand the content featured on each page. Most people only skim over the content on a webpage so it’s essential to make the text simple and easy to read. Use a font style and colour that are contrasting to the page background and avoid having the text too small.

Additionally, the text also needs to be formatted correctly. This includes using headings and sub headings and highlighting significant information in bold. All of these things contribute to the readability of a web page.

  1. Loading time

Another thing to consider when designing a user friendly website is loading time. A web page needs to load in a matter of seconds or people will leave your website and visit a different one. People want to be able to find your products and services quickly so make sure the inside pages of your website load quickly as well.

  1. Mobile friendly

Nobody enjoys zooming in on a web page and scrolling around it to find what they’re looking for and  most people now conduct searches on mobile devices. That’s why it’s vital that a website is mobile friendly. The web page should adapt to the size of any screen and be simpler to navigate than the desktop version. If people can’t view a website on their mobile, they aren’t likely to visit it in future.

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