Google Maps Still in Charge? Explore These Options for Your Clients

Google Maps Still in Charge? Explore These Options for Your Clients

Adding a map to a website makes it easier for customers to find its brick-and-mortar location. Creating a contact page with a map for your clients’ website greatly improves credibility and helps customers understand directions better.

Working on a travel website? Why not create a map full of pinpoints to give visitors a more vivid and graphic view of all the places they could visit.

When creating a WordPress site for your client, including maps certainly makes life easier for potential customers.


WordPress Map Plugins

Map plugins are extensions installed on a website that make adding a map with directions quick and easy. These plugins offer a variety of features including advanced customisation options and interactive features that enhance user experience.

If your client does not have a physical business location, map plugins are an excellent way to showcase their customer base and provide directions to events or highlight specific regions as they promote social awareness.


Top WordPress Map Plugins



Widely recognised as one of the best interactive mapping WordPress plugins currently available, MapSVG is an excellent solution with bonus features, unlike most free plugins. The powerful plugin lets users create vector and image maps.

MapSVG also includes features such as custom Google Map styles, filters, region links, custom colours, map object custom fields, map market directory lists, and more. Users can even add stats using choreopath maps.


WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is another free plugin that is very simple to use. Users simply type in their addresses to add markers. The plugin allows users to click and drag markers, choose map types, and use shortcodes or widgets included in the plugin to add the map to the site.

This WordPress map plugin is also excellent for use on online stores offering delivery services as it allows users to add routes on the map.


WP Store Locator

The WP Store Locator offers users a simple, beautiful design to showcase their brick-and-mortar location. The free plugin offers a variety of customization options including radius filters, map marker icons, custom metadata, unlimited store locations, marker clusters, and driving directions among others.

WP Store Locator is compatible with multilingual plugins which accommodate users from different regions. Users can also add a search bar to show results based on specified radius limits.


MapPress Maps for WordPress

This is a freemium WordPress plugin that gives users high-function designs using interactive Google and Leaflet Maps. Mapress includes an extensive list of features including more than 100 marker styles, sidebar map widgets, map mashups where users can combine multiple maps into one, TurboCSV integration, and direction display on markers among others.


Google Maps Easy

This plugin is easy to use with a live map builder and support for media descriptions. It is compatible with most themes and mobile devices and offers users marker clustering and categories, multiple map styles, basic marker display lists, carousel marker display lists, and infowindows that display location details among other features.

Google Maps Easy also has a Pro version where users can choose more map themes, incorporate heatmap layers, and provide alternate routes.


Which WordPress Map Plugin is Best For Your Client?


Adding a WordPress Map Plugin can help your clients businesses grow and give their visitors a more exciting user experience. With so many free and premium options to choose from, the best WordPress map plugin depends on your clients’ needs.


Whether your clients need a quick store locator map or maps that link to Google Maps, choose a solution that serves their needs. Get in touch with us on 01257 758 078 or email us at to find out more WordPress map plugin options for your clients.