Great Tools for Team Collaboration You Should Be Using

Juggling several tasks involves lots of communication between you and your colleagues. Chosen the right way, tools for team collaboration can often spell the difference between project success and failure or inefficiency caused by delayed information.

The right tool will make your team more productive and strengthens communication. Collaboration tools also make it easy to archive and maintain work history for ease of reference. Before settling on a tool, there are several factors to consider:

  • The team size
  • Type of project
  • Project and team requirements





Flowdock is an ideal chat platform for both groups and individuals. It features stream inbox which aggregates notifications from multiple channels including social media and customer support tools.

On Flowdock, you can organise your conversations by thread and colour code them to make it easier and faster to identify important conversations. It is also easy to invite people to the discussion plus you can stay connected through the Flowdock Android and iOS apps.



Slack has gained popularity for being a well-crafted collaboration tool. It features instant messaging, powerful message search, and file transfers. You can organise communication by channels for department, topic, team, etc. It also features SSO and 2FA security measures which keeps your data safe.

Slack can also be personalised and accommodates integration of various third-party applications.



ProofHub allows you to connect with remote team members and offers a comprehensive suite of project management plus collaboration tools. On this platform, you can plan and monitor your projects, organise files, and have conversations with the project stakeholders.

Other features include email-in feature, visual timeline on your project progress, integration with Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, and Google Calendar among others. You can also review and approve files on ProofHub using an online proofing tool.



Asana is one of the more well-known collaboration and project management tools.  Its users can assign tasks to other members and add followers to a project. Asana can also monitor deadlines and serve as a calendar or to-do list for planning.

It is also easy to integrate with other tools. On this platform you can also upload and share files.



Redbooth is a flexible well-rounded collaboration tool ideal for small and medium-sized teams. the platform is easy to use with many functions such as video conferencing in HD.  Redbooth also includes multiple task management so you can view timelines, lists and boards with ease.

The platform also offers high-level project management tools such as Gantt charts. Users can also turn processes into templates. Redbooth also integrates with a variety of tools including Slack, WebEx, Evernote, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.



Huddle is designed to make document collaborations seamless and secure. The platform acts as a hub where users and their teams can meet remotely to share and discuss work. It is also easy to customise according to your project needs.

Some of Huddle’s top features include realtime overview of ongoing progress, a single place for tasks, communication and approval, integration with Sharepoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box, the ability to share files up to 10GB securely, and you can also set permissions and access within or outside the organisation.


A successful team thrives on collaboration, ensure you pick the best online collaboration tool that suits your needs. There are many collaboration tools available in the market. To get assistance on which tool is best for your team, get in touch with us on 01257 758 078 or email us at