How to: Improving website branding

Branding and company ethos is something that should be at the core of every exercise that a company carries out – so why do you treat your client’s websites any differently?

As the owner of a digital agency, you will have worked on hundreds, if not thousands, of websites for your customers, making it easy for you to get set in the standard motions of website design and development.

At Codieas, we like to do things a little differently, which is why we ensure that each and every one of our client’s websites thoroughly represents how they want to be perceived by their customers. Whether that’s through user experience, development or even bespoke features, we make it happen.

To help you ensure that you are doing the same for your customers, we have outlined the following tips to follow to ensure your customer’s websites represent their brand.

Collect and analyse data

Before starting a new project, we would always recommend analysing the existing website using heat mapping software to show where customers are most interested across the site. Once you have this information we can use this as a basis for the new website, what works and what doesn’t? Are their customers even interacting with the website at all?

This data gives us the information we need to create a website (and a brand) that customers will engage with.

Think about customer service

Customer service is a key aspect of branding, and creating a brand that sits well with your customers. Therefore, to improve the branding on your client’s website we would always recommend designing the site with customer service in mind.

From contact form placement through to having a live chat integrated into the website there are some fantastic tools that you can implement to improve the level of customer service visitors receive when visiting a website for the first, or even 10th time.

Test the website as a user

Linking closely with the above point around customer service, it is essential to test the website as a user – something which is often forgotten by website developers. They get used to the system and how it works, so they forget about the average user who is using the website for the first time.

At Codeias, we have a whole section of our website design and development service that is dedicated to user testing prior to moving the website to live.

Go bespoke

A point that we always make to other digital agencies, does a template or theme really represent your client’s brand?

We never use any themes or templates in our designs, simply because we feel that a brand can’t be represented with a theme that has been used for thousands of other websites. Your client’s brands need to stand out from the crowd, which just can’t be done with a theme.

Need assistance with improving website branding?

If you require expertise from our team on improving your client’s website branding, we are more than happy to help.

At Codeias we work with creative and digital agencies across the UK to create bespoke websites for their clients, working as an extension of their team. We specialise in WordPress, Magento and bespoke development projects – whatever you need us to do we can help.

To speak to a member of our team contact us on 01257 758078.