How to increase mobile engagement for your clients

The main aim of any website should be to act as a lead or sale generation tool and with more users searching for services and products on their mobiles than ever before increasing mobile engagement should be a priority.

As a standard your client’s websites will be responsive, however often these interfaces are not utilised to drive engagement, too much focus is put onto the optimisation of the desktop version instead.

If you are looking to increase mobile engagement for your client’s websites, look no further than our top tips for doing so…

4 tips for increasing mobile engagement

  1. Speed optimisation is essential

The speed of your website is essential for keeping potential customers engaged, even just a second delay in loading speeds can decrease conversion rates by 7% (Kissmetrics). Taking steps to reduce the speed of your client’s website such as enabling caching, reducing server response time, minify JavaScript and CSS and eliminating pop-up ads will improve user experience and therefore increase engagement.

  1. Consider your CTAs

To increase engagement is it important to consider where calls to action are placed on the responsive version of your website. By optimising your CTA areas and ensuring that the action the user performs puts them where they need to be with as few clicks as possible your conversation rates will skyrocket. It is important to look at CTA areas across the entire website to ensure optimum mobile engagement on all pages.

  1. Optimise content and images

When creating the responsive version of your client’s website it is important to take into consideration written content, images and video. Failure to reduce the sizing/change the layout of the content could result in the user being bombarded with oversized content and therefore leaving the website. Instead, optimise the existing content and images to ensure that the layout is seamless for users across all devices.

  1. Test your checkout/contact forms

As the main aim for a website is to generate sales/leads it is essential to test the actions the user will be performing during the final points of their journey. What may seem like minor issues at these points could result in the user leaving the website before completing their action.

Be sure to thoroughly test your checkout process or contact forms, even have those who aren’t familiar with how the website works come in as users – this will often highlight issues that you have been missing.

Need more assistance with increasing mobile engagement?

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