Top 5 HTML5 Benefits

HTML5 is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language, the language that’s responsible for the structure of website pages. It is used in conjunction with CSS and JavaScript and was developed to resolve the compatibility problems affecting HTML4.

Although it provides many of the same features as previous versions, there are a variety of HTML5 benefits. From offline caching and built-in video playback to mobile optimisation and browser cross-compatibility, HTML5 has a lot to offer.

5 HTML5 Benefits

  1. Offline caching

HTML5 offers offline caching which means that users who have previously visited a website can load specific elements of a webpage without being connected to the internet. This differs from previous versions of HTML in which only online caching could be carried out.

  1. Easy-to-read code

Having badly structured code can make it challenging and time consuming to amend any areas of the code that aren’t functioning correctly. HTML5 was designed to offer tidier code that not only simplifies the development process for web-masters, but also improves search engine readability. This means that corrections can be made easily and that search engines have a better understanding of the content on the webpage, often leading to higher search engine rankings.

  1. Browser cross-compatibility

One of the other HTML5 benefits is browser cross-compatibility. HTML5 is supported by all major web browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. In layman’s terms, any websites written in HTML5 will display correctly across all browsers.

  1. Mobile optimisation

Due to the recent increase in the amount of mobile searches conducted, it’s vital that websites are mobile friendly. HTML5 supports the use of viewports and full-screen browsing. Essentially, coding in HTML5 ensures that a website is compatible with every mobile device.

  1. Built-in video and audio playback

In previous versions of Hypertext Markup Language, plugins such as Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight were necessary in order to playback and embed media. Some of these plugins were not supported by certain browsers which often resulted in errors. One of the final benefits of HTML5 is that it allows developers to embed media without requiring ad-ons or plugins from third parties, therefore, eliminating playback errors.

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