HTML6 Is Coming! Features and News

HTML6 Is Coming! Features and News

HTML5 Web Developers gave us JavaScript APIs such as localStorage, geolocation, and Drag and Drop. It also featured new tags like <header>, <footer>, and <nav>. Released on 28th October 2014, the language has been with us for quite some time and developers everywhere are looking forward to HTML6.

HTML has been at the core of many web techniques that make website creation easier. The 2014 version we are currently using was a huge step towards the standardisation of hypertext markup language.

Here are some new tags and features to expect in the sixth revision of HTML.

HTML6 Tags and Features


Dedicated Libraries

Web developers know JQuery transformed JavaScript but the libraries still require a lot of energy to load particularly if they are offsite. This problem can be solved using cacheable versions. HTML6 is expected to provide dedicated libraries for web developers.

Common solutions with HTML5 include cacheable versions of the libraries hosted by Google but developers are hoping HTML6 delivers a better solution.


Automatic Image Browser-resizing

The current challenge is determining how many pixels an image needs to look good on a screen. However, image quality varies depending on the platform and window size on the device.

The SRC and standard <img> tags also make up part of the problem. The main challenge here is, ‘When can HTML protocol increase or decrease image sizes for optimal viewing results?’ Keeping in mind that each <img> tag only works with a single image, one possible solution is to use srcset to choose between different browsers.

However, this solution also increases overheads because it uses multiple images. Developers hope HTML6 will make width and height recommendations for an optimised image.


Camera Integration

Cameras are an important tool in our everyday interactions. HTML6 allows access to media content on the device. It also permits us to repurpose the image in different ways on the browser, or any other system.

HTML6 could also offer more features such as control over how images are captured, effects, filtering and the microphone. We also hope to see multiple formats for photography and videography.


More Control Over the Video Subject

The world is watching more videos and additional control over video on the web pages would be a welcome improvement. Presently, users need more features such as synchronisation mechanisms, callback hooks, and improved video frame display to improve the video experience.


Better Annotation

The current HTML supports article annotation using sentences, words, paragraphs and more. Developers are looking forward to powerful, dynamic annotation for video and images.


Stronger Authentication

Web developers agree that browsers could offer more in terms of stronger authentication. HTML6 could offer solutions such as using encryptions with off-site keys to prevent easy access. Other options include embedded keys and improved digital signatures.


Other Expected Features

  • Stronger Micro-formats
  • CSS4 for better graphics control
  • Better contact information
  • Hardened authentication
  • Pluggable languages
  • Pluggable pre-processors
  • Express tags
  • Bluetooth support
  • Cloud Storage solutions
  • In-built Malware protection


HTML6 News

Although there is no official news yet, HTML6 will soon be released. Web developers across the globe hope it will be better and easier to use compared to previous versions and so do we. Get in touch with us on 01257 758 078 or email us at to find out more about what to expect with HTML6 for your upcoming projects.