Live Chat Worth it in 2020?

Live chat has proven to be a powerful tool for many businesses. In the dynamic online space, businesses have to keep adjusting to increasing customer demands. Live chat has grown from a customer support tool to a key channel through which business owners can market well and provide prompt customer service.

More and more business owners rely on live chat to provide efficient services and even convert customers. Compared to email, instant messenger, and even phone support, live chat is a faster problem resolution avenue for businesses because it lets customers reach merchants in real-time and communicate their concerns as they arise.

If you’re wondering whether live chat is still a viable communication in 2020, we have outlined some of its key benefits.

Increased Sales and Conversions


Customer expectations are changing and growing at a fast rate. Customers simply do not like to go through several channels to reach businesses. Live chat makes it easier for them to communicate with brands and it is much faster than traditional channels.

While going through the website, customers often have questions and concerns about products and services. Using live chat also shows customers that a business is proactive and increases conversions by up to 20%.


Reduced Support Costs


Customer support can be expensive for most small scale businesses. Livechat software allows a single customer service agent to engage up to six potential buyers. The cost per interaction is also lower compared to traditional customer engagement methods.

In addition, live chat is a real-time response tool, which optimises customer service workflow.


Increased Customer Satisfaction


Live chat resources also help businesses collect customer preference data. With live chat, consumers are more likely to raise an issue with the product or service the moment they notice. This allows businesses to address problems immediately preventing further customer complaints.

Consumers may also be cynical about making purchases on new sites. With live chat, businesses get the chance to build a rapport with the consumer which establishes trust and goes a long way in convincing the customer to close the sale.


Multiplatform Channel


Whether a consumer is using a tablet or mobile phone, businesses can still communicate using live chat. Mobile shoppers viewing a site on the go do not have to switch tabs to send emails or close the browser to reach support. Live chat allows consumers to communicate conveniently and get instant feedback on their mobile devices.


Positive Return On Investment


Live chat not only gives business owners value for their money, but it also gives a significant return on investment. Research shows that consumers connect more to interactive brands. Social platforms give businesses an avenue to interact directly with their consumers.

However, many potential buyers are not on social media. Live chat gives businesses an opportunity to interact with these consumers directly while addressing their problems. Consumers who are actively seeking out products on a business website are more likely to make a purchase and live chat is a powerful tool to give them that final nudge leading to up to 300% ROI for many brands.


There’s no doubt that live chat is here to stay. Live chat gives many consumers an unforgettable experience while increasing overall sales. To find out more about how your clients can use live chat to boost their revenue, get in touch with us on 01257 758078 or email us at for further inquiries