Magento 1 Software Support Ends in June

Adobe ended support for the Magento 1.x platform on June 30, 2020. For many merchants who were still operating on the old system, it is now time to start taking steps to ensure a smooth transition. Most agencies are currently offering well thought-out plans to help merchants transition to Magento 2 with exciting innovations and positive digital transformations.

Thousands of merchants looking to grow their businesses and keep thriving in the online space have already transitioned to Magento 2. With a wealth of in-built features and infrastructure that make Magento 2 easier to maintain and support, it is no wonder the platform is a favourite for both merchants and web developers.


Why you need to Migrate to Magento 2


Security Risks: With the end of support, Magento 1 users are now a security target. Security breaches often have long-lasting impacts on online businesses including damaging your brand and reputation.


Non-compliance with PCI DSS: The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards are set by Visa, Mastercard, and other card schemes to keep buyers safe. These standards apply to all users and with current concerns about security risks after support ends, card schemes are encouraging merchants to transition to vendor-supported versions.


Spam Registrations: Merchants using Magento 1 will notice spambots creating fake user accounts to post malicious links. These links are not only unsafe for buyers they can also overwhelm the site and database which negatively affects the site’s functionality.


Hackers: Businesses have a responsibility to protect their buyers’ information. With poor security comes the risks of hackers who can access buyers’ payment details and data and leave the merchant in breach of data laws.


Stores running on Magento 1 will have to incur expensive costs associated with maintaining the site’s security as Adobe will not be responding or looking into further security issues. Adobe released the final security patch and will not issue any further security patches.


Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2


Most merchants, currently on Magento 1 are migrating to Magento 2. The platform, backed by Adobe’s commerce Cloud is an excellent choice for retailers across the globe. This is also the perfect time for agencies to discuss the right eCommerce platforms for retailers.

If your clients are still on Magento 1, this is a good time to reevaluate the platform and its benefits to the business. Consider different facets such as customer experience, targeted marketing solutions, and site personalisation.

Codeias is a trusted partner for many agencies around the globe and we can help your firm weigh the challenges associated with different eCommerce platforms. By staying ready, you can help your clients meet their business goals.


If you are having trouble phasing out Magento 1 from your older sites, we are here to help expedite the process. Get in touch with us on 01257 758078 or email us at for further inquiries.