Magento Celebrates their 10th Birthday

Magento BirthdayOn 31st August 2017, Magento celebrated their 10th birthday as one of the utmost comprehensive and widely used open source ecommerce platforms. Having drastically increased in popularity since its initial release on 31st August 2007 and now owning 7.44% of the market share, we use Magento for some of our more complex ecommerce websites.

As our way of celebrating their success, we thought it would be interesting to share how Magento started and why we believe that it has become one of the most favoured platforms on the market.

History of Magento

Magento was created by the company Varien in 2007 after they felt the ecommerce platforms available at the time didn’t meet necessary requirements. Varien had been working with the previously leading ecommerce platform osCommerce and found that it lacked the stability and important features needed in an ecommerce platform.

After realising they were limited and becoming frustrated with osCommerce, they decided to develop an open source ecommerce platform that didn’t have constraints and could be easily adapted to suit any project. They began developing Magento from scratch in early 2007 and released the public beta version on August 31st of that year.

Why we think Magento is one of the most favoured platforms

Magento gives our developers the tools they need to create beautiful ecommerce websites without any hassle. We consider it to be one of the most advanced platforms available and have been using it to build modern and user friendly websites for several years.

Other reasons we favour Magento include:

  • It’s secure

Due to the fact that Magento is an established platform, there is a team of security specialists that regularly release security updates and prevent the system being compromised by hackers. Moreover, Magento also has customisable security options so that its users can have full control over who has access to their online stores.

  • It’s scalable

Magento is a scalable ecommerce system. It can be used to build ecommerce websites for projects of any size and can support up to 500,000 products on each of its online stores. New products can be added with ease and it has the capabilities to process 80,000 orders per hour. This makes it ideal for busy shopping periods such as Christmas or businesses that have had a rapid increase in sales.

  • It’s simple to navigate

If you don’t have much knowledge about how to use an ecommerce platform, it can be difficult to make any changes to your online store and upload new products when it suits you. Magento makes this process simple for people of all abilities by providing a visual page editor.

Magento Development Services

We specialise in Magento and WordPress development and are dedicated to creating exceptionally crafted user friendly websites.

Our professional team use their knowledge and experience of the Magento platform to design and develop ecommerce systems that are suitable for your customers. We even work hand in hand with all our clients from start to finish to ensure that their client’s ecommerce website is exactly how they imagined.

Get in touch with our experienced team

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