Partnership between Acquia and Magento announced


Magento and Acquia are to merge two of their most powerful platforms to create a solution for retailers to manage the personalisation of a customer’s journey across every platform.

Announced at Acquia Exchange, the company’s annual customer conference, Magento will be merging their ecommerce system with the Drupal content management system (CMS) to create a platform that manages customers content and improves their overall experience.

Aiming to provide ‘highly personalised content-rich experiences’ the new platform is currently being tested by a select few leading technology companies in the United States.

Some of the main benefits that the platform boasts include:

  • Personalisation, real-time experiences across all platforms
  • More control to marketing teams, they can communicate with retail using the platform
  • Flexible integration, the CMS and ecommerce collaboration can meet any market or technical configuration
  • Administrators can manage content rich experiences for all users

Both companies explained that the new system will enable retailers to set up highly-personalised user journeys which have only previously been available through solutions that required a large investment. Their new partnership provides the solution at a lower cost and in a much quicker time.

Tom Erickson, Acquia CEO, promised high quality experiences from the new platform:

“Commerce as we know it has changed, and the imperative has emerged for brands and merchants to deliver powerful, personalized experiences.

“Acquia and Magento combine the best attributes of open source development – agility, speed, innovation and security. Together, we’re putting the power back in the hands of merchants and brands to allow them to control every pixel of the experience throughout the customer journey.”

How does the new platform compare to WordPress?

Acquia explained at their Exchange that the new collaboration would provide a solution for those looking for a comprehensive content management system along with the ecommerce aspect however, this is also something that is provided by WordPress’ WooCommerce feature.

WooCommerce is a plugin that can be integrated into the WordPress content management system, allowing users to list their products and offering all the features of the Magento system, alongside a CMS.

We don’t yet know how the new platform brought to us by Magento and Acquia will compare to the features and flexibility offered to us by the WordPress and WooCommerce collaboration however it has a lot to measure up to.

As the system is currently being tested by a select few companies in the US it may be some time before it reaches us so in the meantime WooCommerce is still in the running as one of the most powerful e-commerce systems with the benefits of a CMS.

Interested in WooCommerce?

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