PHP Frameworks We Support

PHP Frameworks We Support

PHP has become a major programming language in web development. The value of a website to a business cannot be understated. However, websites are becoming more complex and demanding over time. As a result, almost 80% of websites are now backed by PHP frameworks.

PHP makes app development safer and more efficient by eliminating the need to start from scratch. The scripting language also makes applications more stable. In this article, we look at popular PHP frameworks and which of these we support.



Laravel is the go-to PHP framework for most web artisans. The framework is easy to use but it is quite handy for serious tasks. Laravel features elegant syntax which is easy to learn even for beginners.

This PHP framework is capable of handling complicated web applications faster and more securely compared to its predecessors. It also offers common tasks such as caching, authentication, and routing among others.

Laravel also comes with many features which allow you to customise complex apps.



CodeIgniter has been around for over 12 years. It’s compact size makes it a favourite for many developers because it makes development faster and coding simpler. It is quite easy to use and can be set up even by beginners.

CodeIgniter features illustrated database, libraries, high speed, data abstraction, built-in security questions, and active community support. This PHP framework promises solid performance with lighter and faster application.



Symfony has been around for quite a long time. However, it is one of the more mature and reliable PHP frameworks. The extensive PHP MVC framework follows all the PHP and web standards in a precise manner.

Symfony features high performance as a result of byte code caching, re-usability of codes, ease of configuration, and less consumption of memory. It is also quite similar to Laravel.



CakePHP demonstrates 100% backward compatibility. This makes it easy to upgrade and the best choice for web developers who intend to create visually stunning sites using a simple approach. It is also quite easy to install.

This PHP framework features cross-site scripting protection, prevention of SQL injection, easy configuration, and excellent documentation. CakePHP also comes with built-in components such as caching.



Yii is a fast and secure PHP framework which allows web developers build any app. Most developers choose Yii when they need results fast. Its design also pairs well with Ajax with powerful caching support.

Along with being a strong choice for many developers, this PHP framework also offers numerous benefits including robust security features, simplified installation, lightweight codes, and the ability to link different packages and libraries.



This highly-powered PHP framework provides fast application development. It comes highly recommended by developers worldwide. The advanced PHP framework is also object-oriented with features such as inheritance and interfaces.

It also features MVC components, data encryption, and simple cloud API. Zend framework has continued to prove itself as one of the top PHP framework choices.


PHP Frameworks supported by Codeias

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