Planning A Clients Web Project For The New Year? Check Our To Do List

Is your agency ready for the influx of new projects for the new year? We understand that a lot of agencies we work with expect a busy time in January as clients look to expand or bring new business ideas to the table.

Designing a new website for a client or rebranding can be complicated without a proper checklist. It ensures you meet all your client’s expectations and reminds you not to overlook minor, but important, parts of the project.

Codeias understands the importance of your client’s website and the reputation of your agency. It can greatly improve your reputation and drive more leads and sales. Whether their current site is too slow or they just need a rebrand, we can build a functional, intentional website that delivers results  for your customers.


Andrew from Codeias says

“We are aware of the general trend in January for many of the agencies we work with experience growth at this time of year as clients tend to want to get off the mark with a new business idea or build on their current website. We stand hand in hand with our partner agencies to help them deliver a cost and time effective brief and build for any new project”



To optimise the success of your client’s new site, here’s our checklist to prepare for the influx of new projects in the new year

Client Brand Assessment

Understanding the client’s brand will go a long way in creating a website that communicates their personality and values. This creates a connection with their audience allowing instant recognition across all platforms. Communicating clearly with the client from the onset also allows them to understand their role in supporting the project. Once you have understood the clients brand and the direction of the business it will allow you to better form a brief to pass on to our designers and developers.


Content Issues

Evaluating the material on existing sites and new web development projects allows clients to clearly understand they are solely liable for their content. Create a content strategy tracking:

  • Duplication of content
  • Clear site structure emphasising important content
  • Business-driven content
  • Common fixes for better SEO



Strategising allows you to commission a site built to modern standards. This means your clients business site is relevant and unites all your digital assets to support their goal. A solid digital strategy will encompass all the clients channels, such as social media strategy, advertising, email marketing, and content marketing.



Most clients assume that your agency is responsible for SEO. Discussing an SEO strategy with your clients is important for both new and redesigned sites. For new sites, guiding the client on basic SEO practices could help them succeed as well as save future costs of optimising their site.

If you are rebranding, following the best practices while migrating content will save the client crawl errors and costly penalties.


Commission Your New, Modern Site

When it’s time to start building the new site, going with a modern CSS3/HTML5 based framework such as bootstrap or the many other responsive frameworks will vastly increase smart device conversion rates and allow the website to serve many different device types while keeping in line with modern trends.

A web project is not only a big investment, it could also cost your client a lot of money in time wasted during communication and delays. CSS3/HTML5 frameworks allows you to edit certain areas of the site quickly with minimal downtime. It is smarter, cleaner and a more efficient way to work.

Having well supported frameworks such as bootstrap allow you to easily access parts of the site that in past years meant taking a website offline for a simple update. Saving you the expensive, not to mention time-consuming, work of combing through every page on the site.


Commission Codeias today for your business website project

If you are looking for competent website designers and developers with tons of experience, our team are the best in the industry. We can build modern, professional business websites that is cost effective, user friendly and easy to maintain.

Whether you are building a new business site or revamping an old site for one of your clients, our expert web designers are available to guide and support you. We ensure the project goes off smoothly from start to finish. Codeias can also help you figure out which marketing strategies, and e-commerce functionalities you need to integrate into your new site.

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