Planning a Customer Website Updates and Service Agreements

Clear website updates and service agreements can make life easier for both agents and their clients. Poor agreements can, and will, cause confusion leading to unhappy site owners and late payments which could damage your agency’s reputation.

Having a website updates and service agreement with clearly spelt out terms is crucial for agencies. The agreement needs to spell out the services you offer and your policies to help clients decide if your agency is the right fit for their needs.


We take a look at the most crucial points to consider as you plan your contract.

Why do you Need Website Updates and Service Agreements?


It may seem fairly straightforward, you deliver the maintenance service to your website owners and they, in turn, pay you. However, delivering your services in good faith often results in assumptions. Your client may expect that your services cover certain aspects of web maintenance that you had not discussed or are not equipped to provide.

A website updates and service agreement spells out clearly when, how, and how much a client should pay you. It is also a legally binding contract that either of you can use should the other for failure to deliver on their part of the agreement. A contract also protects you from delinquent

site owners who may demand more work than initially agreed upon.


How to Plan a Customer Website Updates and Service Agreements


Consider what services your agency offers


There are key differences between website updates and website services. Spelling out the specifics in the agreement is important before signing it so that your client can understand which services to expect and understand exactly what they are paying for.


Set a price


Pricing is a delicate art. Your agency should not charge too little at its own expense and it should also not charge too much that clients look elsewhere for cheaper options. Your pricing should help you remain competitive while making a fair profit.

The pricing should also make your client feel that they are getting a good deal. Tiered pricing helps the client choose which package to go for and which services are included. Consider including services that you can easily automate in tiered packages. Your agency can also opt for flat rates that are easier to manage.


Determine the length of your website updates and services


Putting a time limit on the contract gives you some room to adjust the contract depending on performance. It also makes it easier to adjust pricing in case your rates go up allowing the agency to remain competitive.

Renewable contracts encourage new clients to try out your services. You can also include a monthly or yearly auto-renewal clause. If any changes are made to the agreement or you are unable to provide a specific service, always alert the client.




Using a template allows your agency to include all key details in the website updates and services agreements. You can find these templates on Google and from leading agencies.


If you are unsure about the details you should include, we can offer expert solutions that may be right for your agency. Contact us on 01257 758 078 or email us at for more information.