Post project checklist examples

After completing your client’s web design project, how do you ensure you have everything necessary to set it up for success? A post project checklist ensures all the months of hard work do not go down the drain. Having the right checklist in place ensures you don’t mess anything up and helps you make those much-needed tweaks to ensure optimal performance.

We’ve prepared post-development and launch checklists that you can adapt and edit to suit your specific needs.

Usability Checklists

Usability checklists ensure your client’s site is user-friendly. A site that is difficult to navigate will not attract high traffic. Codeias has a variety of checklists that cover all usability points, browser compatibility, multimedia content, and colour and graphics.

Some points to remember:

  • Page layout- It should be appealing to the users.
  • Browser compatibility- Can your client’s site be displayed on multiple browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Mac and Windows Safari?
  • Navigation- Navigation should be clear and for your client’s target audience to use.
  • Colour and Graphics- Consistent use of colour and keeping the colour scheme limited to 3-4 colours can enhance the site without distracting the users.


Some of our favourites checklists include:


SEO Checklists

The search engine algorithms that determine site ranking are constantly changing. However, it is possible to keep your client’s site ranking higher for longer using SEO checklists. A rough guide to this would include:

  • Informative content
  • Well structured content
  • No click bait
  • Clean relevant URL
  • Helpful, actionable information
  • Shareable, linkable pages

For most agencies, site optimisation is an important part of the process from the beginning to the end. Some checklists you can use to guide you include:

Common SEO Checklist

The Ultimate SEO Checklist

The Beginner’s Checklist For Small Business SEO

SEO Checklist


Marketing Checklist

Marketing your client’s site is an important part of the post project campaign. Viral marketing ensures you reach a large number of new users.

Some checkpoints to ensure you create a successful viral marketing campaign include:


  • Infrastructure– Ensure your client’s website is equipped with the right infrastructure to withstand high traffic. A site going down at the critical stage when they are finally getting hits can be irreversibly damaging.
  • High quality output– While amateur content can go viral with the right amount of emotional appeal, it is often unsustainable. Investing in a high quality product that connects with your target audience will give you relevance for longer and translate to more conversions.
  • Viral seeding strategies: Your client may have a great website but no one viewing it. To get the desired output, invest in targeted shares. Whether you pay for advertising on Facebook, or share within your professional network, it is important to get the product out there.
  • Measure success: Measuring the performance ensures you understand what worked and what didn’ It also helps you to re-strategise the viral marketing campaign and repeat it by enhancing only those points that worked for even greater success.


WordPress Checklist

At Codeias, we are experts in WordPress development. Some checks we do to make sure we meet your clients expectations include:

  • Arranging posts in the right order
  • Inputing the correct number of posts in reading settings
  • Sticky posts styled and functioning as required
  • Customised themes
  • Modified Permalinks structures
  • Record CSS info
  • Editing example posts in readiness for testing
  • Creating an ideal testing environment


Get rid of the nagging feeling that you have forgotten something and contact us for a full post-project list that will have your client’s website fully up and running.

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