Why responsive website design should be carried out by a specialist agency

With over 90% of website traffic coming from mobile and tablet devices it is easy to understand why most digital agencies are now offering responsive website design as standard.

Often web design agencies offer a website that shrinks to fit screen resolutions of all sizes, seemingly solving the requirement for a fully mobile and tablet friendly website. However, in most cases the standard responsive template created by agencies doesn’t fulfil the requirement for a website that provides a high quality user experience on any device.

Too many agencies just shrink the website design that they have created for desktop to fit other screen resolutions – without considering the user journey.

Responsive design is not a ‘one-size’ fits all approach

Great designers keep user experience at the core of all of their designs, whatever website or application they are creating they tailor to their target audience and what they will need from the website in terms of usability and user flow.

Responsive website design should be no different.

Too many designers use the same approach for the responsive version of their websites, shrinking the desktop version to fit other resolutions may seem like a good option however – it is not optimised for users on each device.

A user shouldn’t have to comprise on their experience of using a website just because of the device they are viewing it from. Expert web design means that the user enjoys browsing the website just as much on desktop as they do on their tablet or mobile device.

A user browsing your website on their mobile is just as likely to purchase your products or services, so why should their user journey be less thought of by your design team? From small to big screen your website should provide bespoke user experiences for your potential customers.

Responsive website design and development

Our responsive website design services mean that your client’s websites don’t have to compromise on quality, whatever device their visitors are using.

Our design and development team are specialists in creating bespoke responsive websites that provide a simple user experience, allowing visitors to browse the website with ease. A truly responsive website should adapt to all devices it is being viewed on, changing in terms of features and user journey.

At Codeias we have a team of responsive designers and developers on hand to ensure that your website is fully optimised for all devices.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide your client’s website users with a beautiful user experience, whether your client is an ecommerce store or a professional services company, we will be able to work with you to produce an end result that exceeds your client’s expectations.

All of the responsive development services that we offer are white-label so your client won’t know you are working with us – allowing you to grow your business name and reputation.

For more information on the responsive development and design services that we offer contact our team by calling 01257 758078 or email us at support@codeias.com and we will be in touch.