Switching From HTTP to HTTPS – Why It’s Important


As so many of your client’s websites will process personal customer information it’s vital it is secure. One of the main ways to ensure your client’s website is secure is by switching from HTTP to HTTPS.

Not only is HTTPS safer than HTTP, it can also improve your client’s organic search result listing. This is because search engines, especially Google, prefer HTTPS over HTTP and will therefore rank websites using HTTPS higher than websites using HTTP.

HTTP to HTTPS – What’s the difference?

HTTP, known officially as Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is the method that browsers use to communicate with servers that hold information about a particular web page. The protocol was originally intended for websites that don’t process sensitive information which is why HTTP transfers data between the server and the browser in plain text.

However, now that many websites allow users to input personal information and sensitive data, HTTP doesn’t provide enough security and therefore leaves data at risk of being compromised when being transferred. As a solution, HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Security) was introduced.

Although HTTPS still uses hypertext transfer protocol, the information that is moved from the server to the browser is encrypted. Only the server and the browser can decrypt the transferred data which makes it significantly more difficult for information to become compromised.

Why is HTTPS preferred?

There are a variety of reasons why HTTPS is preferred over HTTP – the main reason is because of its added security. Due to the fact that all information transferred between the browser and the server is encrypted, any data that the user enters within the web page such as credit card details cannot be accessed as easily by hackers.

Furthermore, because websites using HTTPS are deemed as more secure by search engines than websites using HTTP, switching to HTTPS can moderately improve organic search engine rankings. Within recent years, search engines have become stricter with the quality of websites and their ability to ensure that personal data is secure. Because of this, websites that have transitioned from HTTP to HTTPS are more likely to rank higher within search engine results.

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