The Benefits of A Custom CMS For Your Clients

The Benefits of A Custom CMS For Your Clients

A custom CMS is built to consider all of your client’s specific business needs. A custom CMS website is most effective where your client would like to change specific features. Content management systems are not a one-size-fits-all technology. To determine your client’s best option, you have to understand what the custom CMS offers.

Using a custom CMS is a proprietary solution which gives your client control over their site’s interface, functionality, and updates. The system’s workflow, usability, and design can be tailored to any business or department.

Other benefits of a custom CMS for your clients include:


Infinite Customisation

Custom-built functionality helps your clients achieve their goals without the need to compromise the site as you build around the plug-in. Popular platforms such as Drupal often have many plug ins and modules designed to handle common situations. These plugins and modules often require  customisation to meet the client’s particular need.

While plugins can do 90% of the job, it takes many hours to customise them to your client’s exact needs. These changes can result in changing the client’s site entirely. However, using a custom-developed feature that continues to work ensures the site will remain the same.


More Speed

Custom CMS loads faster because the original backend code is optimised to take care of only the necessary operations. A content management system that depends on plugins will slow down your clients website.

Adding a custom CMS to your clients html website also means they are not bothered with updates. Confusing surprise updates can cost your client business. A custom CMS gives your client the ability to choose relevant updates and those crucial to their business.



Giving your client their own-custom built CMS gives them the peace of mind that comes with having full-time technical support. Website builders come with an FAQ section or a chatbot that may not be useful when dealing with pressing matters.

A custom-built CMS with full-time support from the developer ensures your client’s business remains unique.



It is hard to stand out with a drag and drop CMS solution. Originality attracts clients and helps your client stand out from their competitors. Customers are more likely to engage with a unique business rather than all the other service providers offering a similar service.


Strategic Business Decision

As discussed before, a custom CMS takes into consideration your client’s specific business needs. By creating a custom CMS a developer also creates an overall business strategy tailored to your client’s goals.

While website builders such as WordPress and Wix might be great for small businesses and low scale projects, the same cannot be said for bigger business operations.

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