The latest design trends you need to know about

As with any creative industry, design is constantly changing and evolving with new trends being introduced continuously.

We utilise design across all our projects, from brand creation and implementation through to website design and print marketing services. We are often asked about the different trends within our industry and how companies can utilise them without copying exactly what their competitor has created.

We like to think of ourselves as experts in design, creating work for our clients that not only keep them on trend, but also put them above the competition. Some of the latest trends that we are utilising for our clients include:

  • Keeping it simple

With designer having the resources to create more and more complex creative, we need to ask ourselves, where do you stop? An example we’ve seen recently is the BT Sport App logo/icon. For years their logo included a multicolour design with the overlaying eclipses making up the BT globe graphic. Now it’s simply a mono keyline logo with no globe reference which sits neatly on a multitude of background. Small tweaks that can make big differences.

  • Handwritten and eye-catching typography

Previously minimalism was the trend to follow however bold fonts are now making their way into designs more than ever. Catching a potential customer’s eye with a bold font is one of the latest design trends that we are implementing for our customers. Handwritten fonts also add a unique flair to branding that can’t be achieved with other options and we’ve all seen the benefit of having a brand-unique typeface.

  • Illustrations

Move along stock graphics and icons! Make way for custom hand drawn illustrations. We have suggested custom designs and graphics for many of our clients in recent months, designing images that fit with their branding and cannot be replicated by their competitors. Custom illustrations are ideal for businesses that want to freshen up their brand whilst still innkeeping with their existing image.

  • Integrating numerous colours into your branding

Previously brands have been limited to just one colour selection however in recent months we have seen, and have been using, brighter and contrasting colours across company branding. Whilst keeping with design styles and company fonts, colours have been shaken up and diversified to create eye-catching designs.

Need assistance with your design work?

At Codeias we specialise in all things design, so if you are looking for a reliable design team to work with – look no further! Working with a huge variety of client types, we know how to create brands and imagery that will capture your audience’s attention.

We work with many digital agencies as an arm of their existing team, complimenting the work they are creating for their clients and working on an NDA basis where required.

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