The Top 5 Magento Extensions for Any Online Business

Anyone that has an online business understands the difficulty of maintaining a positive user-friendly experience for their customers, whilst still trying to manage several other aspects of running an online store. That’s where Magento extensions come in.

Using Magento extensions is a necessity that most online businesses now rely on and because there are so many currently available for download, it can be challenging to know which ones will work best for your business.

After doing some extensive research into some of the best ecommerce extensions, we’ve come up with the top 5 Magento extensions that will help you run your online store.

Top 5 Magento Extensions

After doing some research into the best Magento extensions available, we’ve come up with our five most recommended.

Legacy Orders Extension

The legacy orders extension preserves customer order data and order history during migrations. This provides both the site owner and the customer with the opportunity access order history with ease, during and after migrations.

Things such as item numbers, shipping data and order records are preserved, making the process of migrating much less stressful.

Multiple User Extension

The multiple user extension allows multiple users to operate from a master account by using sub accounts. The owner of the master account can create different levels of access permissions that only allow sub accounts access to certain areas of the online store. For example, the user of one sub account may be granted permission to buy merchandise where as another sub account may only have permission to view orders.

Furthermore, if a sub account adds products to a cart, the cart must be approved by the master account before the products or services can be purchased. This enables the main account to have some control over what the sub accounts are doing.

FAQ Extension

Another of our top Magento extensions is the FAQ extension. This gives Magento store owners the chance to create an organised and responsive FAQ page. Users will have the ability to find the answer to a question by using a search bar and the answers to the FAQs can be divided into categories and sub categories.

This extension prevents customer service from having to answer the same questions each time a customer calls and also allows shop users to find the answer to their question with ease.

Authorize.Net CIM Payment Extension

Not only does this extension enable online businesses to expand their payment methods, it also lets returning customers store their payment information on their account, speeding up the process of paying for products online.

All of the payment information is stored on Authorize.Net’s secure server and the extension supports all online payment methods.

Order Approval Extension

The order approval extension gives businesses the opportunity to complete orders before paying for the products. This means that the orders can be forwarded to the finance department or the payer who will have the option to edit the order.

An email containing a link to the order will be sent to the payer who has to confirm the order and make payment.

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