Why using Magento can boost your online sales

Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce solutions on the market, used by some of the largest online retailers, the ecommerce platform enables businesses of all sizes to present their products to their target market.

As a white-label development agency we have worked with many digital agencies who require assistance with their Magento development projects therefore we have seen the effect of using a high ecommerce platform such as Magento.

Why choose Magento for your client’s websites?

We have seen a huge range of businesses across different industries and sectors use Magento as their ecommerce system, all of which benefiting from its endless features on both the admin and user areas.

Magento is an open source platform therefore it is free to download and use, experienced developers can take the software and mould it into the website that their client requires.

As an extremely comprehensive system it can cater for a whole host of different features and extras, Magento also offer extensions which allow us to easily customise the site to add extra functions easily and without the need for bespoke development work, which speeds up the process of creating the website.

Alongside the huge extension library that is available to developers there is also a worldwide community for Magento, there are developers around the world working on the system which results in constant development and improvements on the software.

Unlike other ecommerce platforms, Magento doesn’t have any limitations in terms of number of products or image uploads, the user is free to add as many products as they need to.

Magneto also enables developers to implement their own bespoke design for the website, as it is an open source platform there are no restrictions in terms of what templates the system will allow us to use, we can create beautifully designed websites with the Magento features coded into the back end.

Does your digital agency require Magento development services?

Reliable Magento development teams can be hard to find.

As it is such a widely-used system there are a large amount of developers experienced in other areas that offer Magento development services however, it is a unique system that requires a knowledge of the processes it uses for the website to be coded to a high standard.

We are a white-label development agency who have worked with agencies up and down the country to assist them on both simple and complex Magento projects. All our work is carried out on an NDA basis, so your client’s will never find out that you are working with us.

As we specialise in Magento development you are also working with a UK based team that have extensive knowledge this area and therefore the quality of the end site produced will be to an extremely high standard.

We usually start our Magento projects from scratch however, we have also taken over other development projects where the previous team were unable to provide the correct services or failed to provide the level of coding that is needed, so if you have started a project with another company and are looking for help to finish it, we can also assist with this.

If you would like some more information on Magento development contact our team on 01257 758078.