Web Design Trends In 2018 And Beyond

There have been remarkable innovations in web design trends in 2018. A big part of the changes have been in improving mobile functionality as it overtakes desktop browsing in certain business and ecommerce sectors. This in turn has made digital media become more susceptible to shifts in technology particularly web design.

As web designers, we are faced with the challenge of creating sites that are user-friendly, innovative and most importantly adaptable to different devices. We have to create websites that are modern as well as visually stunning.

To help your website stay current here are the top trends to look out for that will take you from 2018 and beyond.

Chatbots & live chat revisited

This is a chat window that pops up when users visit your site. It is particularly convenient because they can have their questions answered in real time. It may not be possible to have someone available, especially after hours, so you can programme it to answer the most common queries.

You can enhance the user experience by having it give them details of how they can get in touch with a representative. Live chat used to be an annoyance several years ago when first introduced but there have been massive advances in the way they work and lots of science on how they are activated on certain call to action areas on a website. Integrating these into any website would certainly be a massive plus.


This combines animation with autoplay to increase user engagement. Users can see their actions shaping the design of the website which is pretty exciting. Combined with particle backgrounds, microinteractions leave a lasting and memorable impression. These are particularly popular on social media sites. You can see these on some of the more recent Google website updates such as google my business and analytics home pages.

Bold Colours – be bold and free!

If you are looking to make your website stand out, making use of vibrant, saturated hues will do the trick. While some brands may be better off with subtle colours, more websites are choosing bolder schemes to enhance their user experience. We are seeing the return of strong colours that reflect a brands identity.

Users now have access to monitors and screens that are suitable for reproducing supersaturated vibrancy of colour. This is a trend that is definitely here to stay!

Mobile access – getting responsive right

Working with lots of agencies and small businesses we still see several clients shy away from the future of responsive website design, this is a standard now in any type of website in 2018 and often frowned upon by Google in the search engines if your website is not fully responsive. With over 7 billion mobile devices in use around the world, mobile browsing has become commonplace even surpassing desktop users in certain business sectors.

Websites that are accessible on mobile devices are therefore very popular. Make use of the three-dot menu bar, roll down hamburger menu to provide a lot of information without taking up much space for a clean design!

Social Proof of Association

Social media and a social presence play a big part in a user’s journey on your website, ensure to keep all social profiles updated and ensure that each profile shares the same design as your website and brand. The majority of customers will check for a social presence before performing an action on your website such as contacting you or making a purchase.

Many users are increasingly concerned with credibility. Including proof of companies you have worked with successfully is not only affordable, but also shows users you are dependable. This is a trend that will likely last for a long time to come.

Original Illustrations

Using custom illustrations adds personality to your website. Although these may be a bit pricy, original illustration create a playful yet professional experience. They also make your organisation appear more approachable and fun. These are popular with younger people and organisations that may be considered too serious.

Website designers are tasked with coming up with trends that are appealing and cutting edge. 2018 has been one of the more innovative years in web design with sharp focus on the target audience. For many designers it is all about amplifying the user experience. Any trend that has users wowed and responding positively is sure to stay.

Would you like to know more about web design trends?

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