Website Design Trends to Adapt on Your Agency Projects in 2020

In the last three decades, web design trends have changed consistently. In 2020, more developers are focused on exploring designs that will build a better web and improve user experience. Website owners are demanding designs that stand out and keep users engaged in a busy world.

In industries such as web design and development, the last quarter of the year is an exciting time to reflect on popular designs and those that need improvement. The online environment is ever-changing with both website owners and users looking to web designers to create cutting edge designs. 2020 is the time to experiment with bold styles that attract attention from the masses.

In web design, anything can trend if it wins the approval of a large audience. However, it is more worthwhile to focus on trends that ultimately help users and are easy to incorporate on day to day tasks. So let’s dive into website design trends that will keep your agency ahead of the competition in 2020 and beyond.

White Space


White space helps visitors move through the site and creates a stunning visual hierarchy where no elements are stealing the shine. Often seen in print media, more web designers are using purposeful white space that allows site user’s eyes to glide more easily over the page. White space also aids easy comprehension.

The creative use of white space also allows visitors to sift through and find the important information faster. White space truly redefines minimalism in 2020.


Dark Mode


The web is getting darker in 2020. Most web designers have switched to Dark Mode for all new sites. While it remains a user preference, Dark Mode sharpens the focus on the text. And for web users using their devices at night, this is a welcome reprieve from the usual blazing whiteness.

Dark themes are sleek, ultra-modern, and excellent for power saving. They are also practical for web owners because they make colours and design elements stand out which ultimately contributes to a better user experience.


Smart CSS Grids


Using smart CSS grids helps designers create flexible websites that adapt to the user device whether computer or mobile. This technology allows the efficient organisation of content and boosts user experience. CSS smart grids make the website highly adaptable for all versions of desktop and mobile device screens.


Creative Fonts


Expect bigger and bolder fonts in 2020. As a web designer, you can now use typography to enhance your designs. Many websites use text to convey information and fonts can significantly impact how users interpret and feel about information.

You can also expect more hand-drawn fonts that give websites more heart and soul which captivates the users.




Making websites more accessible to people with disabilities is also set to improve in 2020. Sites that work properly for people who use screen readers and low-vision, and the physically impaired are now a requirement and, in some countries, a legal requirement.

This transition is set to keep accelerating for sites across the country in 2020.


As a web design agency, you must stay updated on relevant design trends each year to add value to your clients. If you’re hungry for more inspirational website design trends for 2020, Contact us on 01257 758 078 or email us at for more information.